5 of the Most Adventurous Hotel Rooms in The World

Adventure travel doesn’t necessarily start outside; sometimes it starts ‘within’.  The next time you take off on an adventure-centric trip, how about staying at a hotel that is as unique and promises as much adventure if not more? Here is a list of the most adventurous & unique hotel rooms in the world that are sure to get your adrenaline racing from the word, well… “Home”.

 The Giraffe Manor – Nairobi Kenya

This is a veritable animal lover’s paradise. Built in 1932 by Sir David Duncan, The Giraffe Manor is modelled after a Scottish Hunting Lodge and is built on some lush, sprawling 115 acres of land in Nairobi, with an incredible view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Several Rothschild Giraffes were relocated to this property after the loss of their natural habitat. So do not be surprised if a giraffe suddenly sticks its neck through your bedroom window and you are allowed to pet and hand feed mango nibbles and other snacks to it, from your in-room breakfast selection.

Survival Pod at The Capsule Hotel – The Hague, The Netherlands

Want to sample life directly out of Ian Fleming’s book on his favorite spy? Live in a Survival pod at the capsule hotel in the Netherlands! What are they? These oil-rig survival podswere inspired by Roger Moore’s escape vessel in popular bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me. Since they are mobile, they can be anchored to any place that has water. They accommodate up to 3 people, host a comprehensive James bond video library and add an eccentric effect with their unique in-house disco ball, silk sheets & champagne.

The Library Hotel – Manhattan, New York

Bookworms, rejoice! For this is the ultimate book lovers’ dream home. The floors in this hotel are set in accordance with the 10 main categories of the “Dewey Decimal Classification System” a popularly used library classification system. Expect wide ranging genres from Arts, Religion & Philosophy, to Math, Fiction & more.

Hotel de Glase – Quebec, Canada

Want to live in a hotel built out of 400 tonnes of ice, 12000 tonnes of snow, and is redesigned and rebuilt every single year? Head to the Hotel de Glasse in Canada, where every December artists start constructing this winter wonderland that opens its doors Jan 7 thru Mar 27. From the fire place, to the glass that you drink from, everything in the hotel is made from ice! You do however get to use heated washrooms and outdoor hot tubs, and are provided arctic sleeping bags to keep warm.  Phew! This is one place you would pay to get a cold treatment.

Das Park Hotel – Osterreich, Austria

Would you ever imagine willingly spending the night in a huge concrete sewer tube?  Welcome to the Das Park, where each “room” or sewer tube weighs 9.5 tonnes! Rest assured, these tubes are incredibly robust and all they need is a coat of varnish for upkeep! The Das Park hotel is open May to October and the hotel payment is rather interesting – You pay what you think the stay was worth!

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