5 Things You Never Need to Pack While Travelling

There are never ending lists of “how to pack” articles on the web today & the information presented in these articles can be overwhelming and sometimes redundant for a new traveler. Most of these articles are focused on what to carry with you, so today we are going to explore what you should leave behind. There is so much conflicting information available how do you know what’s worthwhile packing and what’s going to end up being a waste of space? One thing is for sure though always carry enough currency with you for immediate purchases at the best forex rates and the rest on a forex card so that you can top it up when required and not carry around unnecessary amounts of cash with you.

  1. Money or Cash belts

Cash belts are nearly always on the list of essential items to carry with you as they help you carry essentials such as money and other valuable cards/documents; but money bags are generally large & uncomfortable for travelers, taking up a huge space of your bag.

  1. A Silk Sleeping Bag Liner:

With fears of hostels being dirty, bed bug infested places, everyone has a habit of carrying a silk sleeping bag liner which they never use. Leave it behind and book hostels with good recommendations online.

  1. Expensive Swiss Army Knives:

Another thing that almost always pops up on travel packing lists, is an extremely expensive Swiss knife which you never going to use! What to take rather: Look for a much less expensive pair of scissors and a bottle opener – that’s probably all you’ll use, unless you plan to go camping outside!

  1. Dedicated Travel Clothing:

Dedicated travel clothing is expensive and makes you stand out in the countries you travel through. If you wouldn’t wear it back home then you won’t enjoy wearing it on your travels. Just carry comfortable, light/warm wear depending on the place your travelling to.

A Lot of Medicines:

We generally pack a lot of medicines & most of these are barely touched; half have since expired. So just take a strip of what you might need a presciption for. Most others can be obtained over the counter.

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