A Guide To Tomorrowland Festival 2015

The most anticipated celebration of the year will be here before you know it: Tomorrowland 2015! A year ago, Tomorrowland celebrated its 10th anniversary and it showed. The firecrackers were brighter & louder, the stage was more impressive, and the music was, well superlative. Tomorrowland is an overwhelming experience for all music lovers but a few questions that come to everyone’s mind is how to get to Tomorrowland, how to buy tickets and most importantly where to buy online forex with so many options available. Here are some useful tips if you are planning to visit Tomorrowland this year.

When is Tomorrowland 2015?

Tomorrowland is always scheduled for the last weekend of July. Tomorrowland 2015 will be held Friday, July 24-26th in the town of Boom, Belgium.

How much are tickets to Tomorrowland?

A year ago tickets were 180 Euros that approximately equals to 265 dollars. You can buy your tickets online with your basic contact information and email. Tomorrowland requires that the name matches the person to the festival bracelet.

Things You’ll Need During Tomorrowland

  • Tickets + Government issued ID: make sure to print your tickets at home. Also don’t forget to carry a government issued ID, or you won’t get in
  • Loads of Water: Make sure to carry enough water bottles, buy some extra & carry some big bottles that can be refilled.
  • Carry Comfortable Shoes: You’ll be walking around a lot, as the camping area is about 15 minutes away from stages, carry flip flops if possible.
  • Currency: The official currency of Belgium is the Euro. It is advised that you must carry enough euros before leaving your home country in order to get best euro exchange rate. Dollars are also accepted in Tomorrowland, but make sure you get best dollar exchange rate when purchasing online.
  • Shades: secure your eyes during the day, indicate you as a douche bag at night and help hiding your hangover in the morning.
  • The stages open at twelve (12 pm) and shut down at 1 am. You’ll spend the vast majority of the day outside, and most likely there will be direct sun. Load up on your sunscreen, enough water and take a few breaks in the shadow of trees to help you dodge sunburns and sunstroke.

How to get Home

After a long celebration of three days. You’ll be tired & craving for your bed. The best thing you can do is wake up early in the morning get your stuff packed and leave early, before the rest of the horde wakes up!