A Quick Guide to Country Canada

Often avoided by travellers, Canada is a giant hidden gem on the world map. It is a country full of amazing people, historical cities, ethereal places, and a plethora of wonderful natural sites.

Note: Canada, by no means, is a budget travel destination. Everything – including accommodation, food, and local transport – is pretty expensive there. But, well, it is a destination which is totally worth visiting. There really is no other country as grandeur and stunning as Canada.

The current Canadian Dollar rate in Indian Rupees is 56.12 (as of 26.09.18).

One of our customers recently travelled to the gorgeous North American country a couple of months ago. She visited a number of places and did a lot of memorable things during her three-week trip. She used a prepaid Forex card that she had purchased from Buy Forex Online to make online payments as well as for withdrawing money from the ATMs.

Places to visit –

  • Quebec City – the capital city offers a nicely preserved 17th-century architecture. A visit to the province is a must, especially if you are a history buff. The region is well-known for its French connection and an exotic place to explore.
  • Vancouver – Vancouver is the most popular city in Canada, and is arguably one of the finest cities to visit on the planet. The city is full of life during the summer season and offers a lot of variety adhering to all kinds of visitors.
  • Toronto – Being the most populated city in Canada, Toronto is a mixing bowl of various cultures. It is home to ethnic districts such as Little India, China Town, etc. It is also surrounded by some magnificent beaches and mountains.
  • Niagara Falls – A visit to Canada without visiting the iconic Niagara Falls would be incomplete. The towering plunge waterfall is located at the border of Canada (Ontario) and the United States (New York) and is a must-visit site.

Things to do –

One can do a lot of activities in Canada, no matter which part of the country one is in. From Kayaking to White Water Rafting and from Skiing to Paragliding, Canada is an ideal country to try adventure activities. There are many schools which offer such activities at decent prices and accept online payments made using a prepaid Forex card. If you want to explore a city or a town, just rent a bicycle and go for a spin. One can even enrol oneself in any of the many workshops (think of cooking, music, dance, art, etc.) that takes place around the cities.

What to eat –

Nanaimo Bars – If you like chocolates, you are going to love Nanaimo Bars. This high-on-nutrition chocolate bar tastes like fudge with creaminess and crunchiness.

Butter Tarts – Butter Tarts is a signature Canadian dessert. It can be found in every part of Canada and is a must-try.

Poutine – Comprising mainly of fries, cheese, and gravy, Poutine is a dish which is an integral part of the Canadian cuisine.

Montreal Bagels – Montreal Bagels is probably the most popular food item I the Canadian cuisine. Each one of it is handmade and dunked in honey.

Timbits – Canadians love their Munchkins. It is the size of a doughnut hole and comes in a variety of flavours.

Debit Card v Credit Card v Prepaid Forex Card – Which one to carry?

Canada is a highly developed country and it is pretty easy to use a card to withdraw money from an ATM and make online payments there.

Using a Debit Card or a Credit Card in Canada would make you lose about 4 to 7 per cent on interest. Whereas, if you use a Prepaid Forex Card, your interest amount would be almost negligible.

At Buy Forex Online, you can buy Canadian Dollars (cash) along with loading a prepaid Forex card with the same currency at the live rate.

The advantages of purchasing a prepaid Forex Card from Buy Forex Online and loading it with Canadian Dollars are as follows:

  • The prepaid Forex card will get delivered to your doorstep within two working days.
  • You get instant support, 27/7.
  • You get three free ATM withdrawals anywhere in Canada.
  • Your prepaid Forex card stays safe and secure at all times.
  • You can reload your prepaid travel card from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.
  • Buy Forex Online promises to provide you with the best possible exchange rates for Canadian Dollars.
  • You will get a replacement card in case if you lose your primary card for no additional cost.

Points to keep in mind for your trip to Canada:

  • Purchase your prepaid Forex card from Buy Forex Online well in advance. Usually, we suggest people buy it at least five days in advance to avoid last-minute panic.
  • Follow the 80:20 ‘Rule of Thumb’. 80% of the money you carry should be loaded in your card and the remaining 20% should be in the form of cash.
  • Avoid using your debit/credit card as much as possible. Using your debit/credit card will make you liable to pay up to 7% of interest.
  • Exchanging money at an airport is generally a bad idea. More often than not, the exchange rate offered at an airport is rather poor.
  • Avoid Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) by opting to be charged in local currency. If you opt for your national currency while withdrawing money from an ATM, you will be charged more.


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