Australian Surf Festival –Lets Hit The Waves Again!

Time to hit the waves again – The Australian Surf Festival is coming to Coffs Harbour, Australia this month! It is one of the longest running surf festival in world. Formerly known as The Australian Surf Titles, this event is the longest running competition in Australia, getting its start way back in the mid-1960s. Around 400 surfers from around the world takes part every year in this festival.

Be adaptable: To adjust to the unusual and changing surf conditions, The Australian Surf Festival is semi-mobile. Be prepared to embrace diverse breaks as per what the sea serves up every day. The festival is also broadcast live on web that logs up-to-the-minute results, photos, and event news.

Meet and welcome the Wildlife: Come August, the whales have left Antarctica and are traveled north for viewing pleasure. Join a whale and dolphin spotting tour.

Carry Local Currency: If you are not an Aussie & traveling to Australia specifically for this festival it is advised that you must carry enough local currency with you, experts suggest that you must buy foreign currency in advance to get the best money exchange rates.

Drive to Coffs Harbour: The pacific highway is lined with endless views including wild beaches, prolific wineries, national parks, Aboriginal rock art, and giant whimsical sculptures of everything from prawns to pineapples. Coff Harbour is approximately 6 to 7hours drive from biggest Australian city Sydney.

Camping: If you love camping and are on a tight budget you can choose from any of the 11 forest along the coast. They may lack amenities, but the price will fit your pocket.

If you are travelling from India specifically for the surf festival it is always advisable that you should buy foreign currency from a trusted foreign currency exchange in India at least three days before your date of travel to save on commissions  &  exchange rates.