Avoid Commissions. Pay with Prepaid Travel Card

It is one thing to pay a higher than normal price for a beverage. But paying more than normal charges for currency exchange is a real waste of your money. For most of the frequent travels, the best way to carry your Forex is through a prepaid travel card  as it always ensures the best rates for you, being much cheaper than hard cash.

Prepaid travel cards are similar to a debit card  & come preloaded with money. You simply load them with currency you require then utilize them as you use would any debit or credit card. Keep a tight reign on your budget since forex cards come pre-loaded, allowing you to keep an eye on your spending pattern.

Benefits of Carrying Prepaid Travel Card:

Accepted World Wide: Forex cards are accepted by most of the major banks worldwide. You can also take a multi-currency card if you are planning to travel to different countries at the same time.

Full Control Over Your Expenses: You are only allowed to spend the amount that is loaded onto the card. You can check your expenses, cash withdrawals & balance left in your card.

Easy to Reload: If you require some extra money you can reload funds at the best forex rates by placing a reload request online anytime.

Safe & Secure: Your card can only be charged when funds have been loaded. In case your forex card is lost or stolen, you can block your card instantly & request for a duplicate card with the same amount present in the stolen card.

No Annual & Activation Fees: There is no activation & annual renewal charges associated with prepaid forex cards. Getting a prepaid travel card or a forex card is easy. If you are traveling abroad you normally apply online from a trusted foreign exchange dealer for getting the best forex card in India.