Bored with Christmas? Here are some Alternative Winter Festivals

A Christmas vacation is all about lights, feasts, festivities & winter chill! But if you are bored with the same schedule every year of shuffling around shopping centres or fast-food outlets here is a list of amazing Christmas festivals around the world. Before you leave, make sure you carry travel essentials & a multicurrency forex card from reputed online forex dealers

  1. Fiesta de Santo Tomas, Guatemala

For one week each December the alluring town of Chichicastenango makes a special effort and arranges one of the biggest & most colorful holy festival in Guatemala. Highlights of the festival include cultural dances, jive music & fireworks.

  1. Thaipusam Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Devotees go to great lengths to showcase their unwavering devotion, endurance and penance to Lord Murugan, a Hindu God, in this dynamic and beautiful occasion. Most join the parade to Batu Caves, where they climb 272 steps to Murugan’s Shrine, while others carry pots of milk on their heads as a sign of loyalty and love. Always take care of forex services in advance when you travelling to such countries it may be a difficult to find good forex dealers there.

  1. Ice and Snow Festival, Harbin, China

Wrap up warm and head over to Harbin in north-east China for one of the biggest worldwide ice celebrations on the planet. Crowds from around the globe are drawn to to this yearly occasion to join in different creative, social and athletic exercise activities.

  1. La Tamborrada, San Sebastian, Spain

Each January the lanes of San Sebastian in northern Spain resonate with the rhythm of drumbeats for 24 hours. The drums are rolled out midnight on the night of the 19 January in Plaza de la Constitution, followed by companies of uniformed marchers parading through the barrios of this seaside town beating thousands of drums in a resounding and often deafening homage to their patron saint Donostia de San Sebastian. If you are travelling from India remember to carry enough euros before travelling & make sure to order forex from reliable online forex dealers in India to get the best deals & rates.