Budget Honeymoon Destinations – 2016

Let’s face it honestly, everybody has a budget that often spirals out of control where wedding expenses are concerned. This is something that almost always impacts your honeymoon plans. What’s more, if you are planning for an international honeymoon destination, currency rates can sometimes hit hard on your pockets. That however, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fabulous honeymoon. There are still a lot of reasonable honeymoon destinations where your dollar can be stretched a lot further. Here are some of those fantastic, budget-friendly destinations.

  1. Singapore:

Singapore is a burgeoning Asian metropolis. But that doest make it any less romantic. What makes this brilliant city a special honeymoon destination is the balance between the cosmopolitan and the natural, making it an ideal urban romantic getaway.

Best Time to Visit: All round the year works, yet going to in September will get you an opportunity to witness many popular events like the Singapore Grandprix. The official currency of Singapore is the Singapore dollar & keep in mind that the best money exchange rates for Singapore dollar are available at your home country and not the destination country.

  1. Indonesia, Bali:

Bali means “heaven”. So in fact you really have the chance to visit “Paradise”. This little island in Indonesia has scenes are straight out of fairy tales. From volcanoes to lavish green fields, Bali remains as a dream honeymoon destination, offering a fantasy like experience.

Best Time to Visit: April to October

  1. Mauritius: Fancy an exotic honeymoon on a secluded beach? Plan a trip to two of the Indian Ocean’s leading honeymoon destinations – Mauritius & Reunion Island.

Couples can go dolphin and whale viewing, go for a romantic date on a private island, cruise around on catamaran, paraglide while you feel sensations of a tandem free flight, hire an underwater subscooter or chill in a couple’s spa & Jacuzzi. For an adventurous honeymoon, trek upto the craters of the active volcano at Reunion Islands.

Best Time to Visit: September to December

  1. Turkey: Turkey welcomes you to its dynamic nightlife, numerous shopping centres, great resorts, scenic beauty, charismatic harbours and an ancient history that is so deeply embedded within its architecture that you just want to go back for more.

Best Time to Visit: September to December

  1. Malaysia: Malaysia bestowed with a number of islands and beaches and stands out as a one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. Beaches and dense mangrove forests of this place makes it a tropical favourite.

Best Time to Visit: November to February. The official currency of this country is Malaysian Ringgit, but US Dollars are widely accepted. For the best exchange rates, money exchange in India prior to your trip is the best option as exchange rates will be higher if you purchase in destination country.