[Bangalore, January 01st, 2016]

Buyforexonline.com launches an innovative Online Foreign Exchange Platform for Travel Agents. This initiative called The Travel Agent Module or TAM for short is a new B2B Forex initiative which will provide an Additional Revenue stream for Travel agents.

The Travel Agent Module (TAM) helps travel agents to offer a simple and convenient Forex service to their International Travel clients. The primary objective is to make the process of purchasing foreign exchange for clients as simple and easy as possible, and remove the burden from the agents’ shoulders (in terms of determining rates, arranging for delivery, coordinating payments, etc.). This will allow the agent to focus on their core competency of selling travel products, and leave the forex component to be handled by experts.

This simple process, involves forex leads being triggered to the BFO team, which then takes-over and contacts the client to close the lead. BFO will also handle Payment, Delivery, Escalations and Customer support. An in-depth report can be viewed on our system by individual agents to monitor their commissions.

With lowest forex rates in the market, client mapping facility, flexible margins and other bonus features like per-lead & per-conversion incentives, this is a platform that is sure to become an intrinsic tool for every travel agent who books International flights or holiday packages.


About BuyForexOnline:

BuyForexOnline India is a Private limited company partnered with TATA Capital Forex & Axis Bank, is based out of Bengaluru the IT hub of India and started operations in July, 2013.

For information, queries or any assistance, please contact BuyForexOnline.com on 18002002940 or write in at helpdesk@buyforeonline.com where company representatives are available 24/7 to offer immediate solutions.