Cheapest Summer Vacation Destinations for International Students

Who says education isn’t rewarding? You can look forward to vacations! All kidding aside, studies are not just all work and no play. There are several fantastically affordable destinations that welcome the student with open arms. So after a grueling set of exams, reward yourself with a trip to these destinations which are easy on the pocket and great on experience. Make sure you have some student forex at hand before you take off.


Explore a curiously mesmerizing mix of western and eastern culture. Start with Istanbul which is home to the Hagia Sophica, the Chora Church, and the Old Town. If you are feeling starved,  head to Grand Bazaar food market, one of the top food bazaars in the world. Dating back to the 15th century this market boasts of over 4000 stores and has a cornucopia of street foods to sample from at very low prices.

Costa Rica

If you love to lose yourself in wild life and fabulous flora, this is where it is at. Combine volcanoes, national parks, wildlife, wild seas, pristine beaches, Caribbean culture and affordability…and ‘Cost’a Rica is what you get.


Travel back in time to the era of the Incans. Traverse through lust Rainforests, wild ruins, and pristine beaches with your backpack. Arm yourself with a good pair of hiking boots, a reliable map and a wee bit of Spanish and you are all set for adventure!


Want to sample the delights of the Mediterranean at a fraction of the cost? Head to Albania! With its rich architectural and cultural heritages from its historical relationships with the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire, Albania offers similar if not sometimes richer experiences than that of Greece & Italy. Bask in the sunshine and golden sands of Dhermi or Jala Beach, hike up Mount Dajti for some breath taking views, or indulge in the cultural splendour of Tirana, its capital city.


Explore the country for as low as $20 a day!  This nation boasts of fantastic cuisine, immense spirituality and gorgeous pieces of architecture such as the Wat Phra Kaeo temple, Wat Arun temple, Wat Benchamabophitr and the Grand Palace at Bangkok. Try Thai Boxing if you are the sporty type.

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