Exchange Currency At Airports is a Big No-No!

If travelling abroad from India, currency exchange at airports is surely not a wise option, unless you your trip was not preplanned & exchanging currency at the airport is the only option left. Exchanging currency at Airports usually incurs a huge additional expense. The same goes for foreign exchange in Mumbai airport. The basic reason you should avoid buying forex Mumbai airport terminal, is that rates are especially high, going up to 10% over the current rate. Additionally if you are hoping for a better rates at the destination airport you are wrong. When changing Indian Rupees to American Dollars, it is beneficial to do so in India, not in the US, for cheaper rates.

Currency Exchange Stores: Even if you are planning to exchange currency from a local forex dealer, there is no guarantee that  they will provide genuine currency notes. What’s more, you cant reload your Forex when on the move.

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