Essential Guide for Amsterdam Dance Event

want to indulge in a five-day industry and entertainment & extravaganza Amsterdam Dance Event, scattered around 115 different locations in the Netherlands’ capital city. Begun in 1996 as a three-day conference and attended by 300 representatives with thirty DJs performing, ADE happens every year, in October. Now after nine years, ADE includes 450 conference and music events including more than 2,200 DJs. ADE has three parts: The Festival, the Conference and the Playground.

Who can go? You don’t need to be an industry expert and you may not always need a ticket to get into its many venues. If you have a credit or prepaid travel card, you can buy ticket for a specific party or other events, much in advance. However you must be no less than 18 years of age and, for a few clubs, 21 years of age to be allowed entry.

Experience the city. Since ADE has fixed timetables and parameters, you’ll have a lot of time to visit the city. Amsterdam literally, Floats your boat, by taking you a tour on one of its famous canals. Lease a bike and take a spin through one of the world’s most bike-friendly towns. Experts recommend using  prepaid forex cards for paying your bills at restaurants & hotels.

Visit a Gallery. ADE incorporates an extensive art program throughout the city’s galleries, showcasing outstanding dance related art exhibitions, shows and installations.

Catch a flick. The film part of ADE is not to be missed. Experience celebrity lane world debuts, enjoy in-depth documentaries on worldwide night life.

Tickets and Travel. ADE is a huge global event, meaning most attendees are taking planes as primary ways of arriving. Most flights will head to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, about 20 minutes outside the city. Tickets for events are sold individually (usually for about €15) and separate from the conference ticket packages as well. You can use a forex card for purchasing tickets.