European destinations for Indian backpackers on a budget

Did you once dream of backpacking through Europe? You arent alone! Many individuals dream of backpacking around Europe and absorbing its diverse cultural offering, but this ends up being a pipe dream for most because of its huge price tag.

On the contrary, if you budget carefully, backpacking around Europe doesn’t have to be expensive proposition. This implies planning ahead for accommodation, transportation, foreign exchange – buying euros online, food and even your destinations of choice

Here is a list of cities in Europe that are among the least expensive destinations for backpacking in Europe. 

Riga, Latvia

Because of a rich history, active culture, and entertainment opportunities, Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a superb destination for backpackers on a budget. The best thing to happen in recent times is that Lativa joined the Eurozone & now has the Euro as the official currency of the country. We strongly recommend Indian backpackers to buy euros in india before heading to Riga as you will find better deals here.

Budapest, Hungary

Separated by the beautiful Danube River, the capital of Hungary is truly split into two, with the stunning Buda Hill to the west and the flat Pest side to the east. This romantic city is filled with castles, cathedrals, spas and bridges spanning its mighty river. Despite the city’s popularity with tourists, it is a relatively less expensive destination to visit.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the biggest and most well-known city to visit in Turkey. This old city boasts an abundance of fascinating historic buildings as well as many up-and-coming art galleries and museums to provide backpackers with plenty to explore during the day.

Bratislava, Slovakia

You would think that being so near Prague and Vienna,  this city would be on more backpacker itineraries, but the truth is that this fascinating city is still generally overlooked. If you want t go off the beaten path, Bratislava is much cheaper than its neighbouring cities and is full of inexpensive hostels, bars and restaurants.

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