Famous Shopping Festivals Around the World

Shopping is a crucial piece of the travel experience, particularly in the big cities. There are no point for carrying home items you can buy at your nearby shopping center. What’s more, the major cities around the globe recognize that hardcore shoppers will go for special things they can’t get in their nation of origin. Shopping is an extremely interesting activity delighted in by individuals of all nations, religion and societies. The trends and attitude related to shopping may vary from place to place according to the culture of the place. There are various shopping celebrations festivals that cater to the different needs of the shopper’s worldwide.

Here are some of the finest shopping festivals of the world:

 Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is similar to mecca of all the Shopping Festivals around the globe. Its well known for the overwhelming heavy discounts, sports and cultural events, grand product launches and several music concerts. Apart from the adults indulgence in shopping there are certain special events for kids too, thus making this festival a complete family shopping escape to the Arab Country. But traveling from India you must have UAE Dirhams in your hand for shopping around this festival & it is highly recommended to buy forex from forex dealers in india prior to your travel date to avoid any in inconvenience.

When: January-February

Where: Dubai

Istanbul Shopping Festival

It will begin from first week of June and will end in last week of June. With shopping plazas opened for 24 hours the shopaholics won’t be able to get over the shopping spree and would be luring for more and more. There are huge rebates, musical shows and the famous shopping places are are Grand Bazaar, Capitol Shopping Center, the Egyptian Spice Market and Sapphire Bazaar.

When: June

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Singapore Shopping Festival

Singapore is a renowned tourist place. The shopping festival is a major attraction in Singapore and people all over the world come here to have a great shopping experience. The Singapore sale has astounding offers and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Many people travel Singapore from Mumbai & they always looks for best available options to buy Singapore dollar, it is advisable to buy Singapore dollar online as it is convenient, and safe for anyone looking to get good deals foreign exchange in Mumbai

When: May to July

Where: Singapore

Hong Kong Shopping Festival

Hong Kong Shopping Festival gives you without custom shopping that is a reason eough to visit Hong Kong during this festival. For all the ladies, there is an exclusive expo on make-up, cosmetics and other beauty products. Diamonds are girl’s best friends and there is plenty of designs and yes, heavy discounts on them during this festival. Traveling from Chennai to this festival you must have Hong Kong dollar in you hand to avoid any in inconvenience during festival & it is highly recommend to order online foreign exchange in Chennai or buy a prepaid forex card.

When: June-August

Where: Hong Kong