Fascin8ing Forex – Eight Things Money can buy in BALI

Lush paddy fields, dramatic sunsets, tranquil turquoise waters, white sands, hidden stone temples, gastronomic delights, and a warm welcoming hospitality. It is no wonder then, that Bali is THE honeymoon destination of the world.


Indonesian currency “rupiah” is derived from the Hindustani word rupiyaa, which was ultimately from the Sanskrit ‘rupya’ (रूप्य; wrought silver)

1 rupiah (Rp) = 100 sen = 0.0051 Indian Rupee (approx.)

Alternately, USD is also easily accepted at most places and you can get it on a USD Forex Card for ease of use.

  1. FLYTigerair

Airfare Cost

Round Trip from India: 9894622.63 Indonesian Rupiah = INR 50,000/-

  1. STAY

 Bali Trip

Double Room: 398594.98 Indonesian Rupiah= INR 2014.20 INR/- per night

  1. EAT


Babi Guling – a traditional Balinese dish of grilled suckling pig, esp. famous from the town of Gianyar

Bebek Betutu, a delicious duck specialty, slowly baked in banana leaves

Approximately 25,000 Rupiah = INR 126.3313/-

  1. DRINK

Bintang Beer

Bintang Beer (Indonesian: Bir Bintang, literally “Star Beer”) local Indonesian brew, is produced by PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk, part of Heineken

1 pint: 27,000 Rupiah = INR 135/- 

  1. BUY

 kopi luwak

Kopi Luwak. The world’s most expensive coffee delicacy which is ahem… ‘produced by’ indigenous Balinese Civets.

60 grams for 2,55,000 Rupiah = INR 1,275/-


  1. GO Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot temple, one of seven sea temples around the Balinese coast. Has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries. 

15,000 Rupiah = INR 75/-

  1. WEAR 

Balinese Sarongs

Silk Batik Sarongs! They are colourful, locally made, and super comfortable at the beach

100,000 Rupiah = INR 500/- 

  1. DO

bali surfing

Surf! Bali’s famous surfing spots are near Ulu Watu

531459.97 Indonesian Rupiah = INR 2685.60/- for one day


  • Except for high-end establishments, expect to be charged a 2-3.5% premium to use your credit card as most businesses don’t pay the credit card’s fee. Visa and Mastercard are popular in Bali, while AMEX is rare with higher associated fees. For the best deal, take a prepaid travel card before you go!
  • Indonesia has four state owned banks, BNI, BRI, BTN, and Bank Mandiri and are usually open 24 hours.
  • Further from South Bali, it becomes challenging to exchange foreign currency, as there are lesser ATMs and money changers. So, it is good to withdraw money from ATM’s beforehand.
  • Most ATMs have a sticker on the front denoting the denomination in which cash is provided, either 50,000 or 100,000 notes. Try to carry the 50,000 notes despite having more notes to carry, as the 100,000 rupiah note is often tough for businesses and vendor to break.
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