Fascin8ing Forex – Eight Things Money can buy in DUBAI

The land of sanddunes, skyscrapers…and much much more. Said to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Dubai has so much to offer. Beautiful landmarks and best shopping places, it’s the perfect blend of old world charm and modern bling.


Dirham is the legal currency of Dubai and many other nations located in the United Arab Emirates. The name Dirham derives from the name of the Greek coin or currency, drachma or didrachm. Often abbreviated “AED”, Dirham symbols can also be written as Dh and Dhs.

1 Dirham/AED = 100 fils

  1. FLY

Emirates Air

Airfare Cost

Round Trip from India 866 AED = INR 15800 (approx.)

  1. STAY

Double Rooms starting from 330 AED = INR 6000 (approx.) per night

  1. EAT

Shawarma is the most available food item on almost all streets (and cheap!) in Dubai. It is the Arabic equivalent of the Burger. It is meat that has been cooked on a skewer and then cut into thin strips and placed into a kuhbus (pita) bread with vegetables and dressing.

6 AED = INR 108.666 (approx.)

  1. DRINK


Ayran (a refreshing yoghurt drink) it is cold yogurt beverage mixed with salt.

1 Glass: 15 AED = INR 280 (approx.)

  1. BUY


Dubai’s best buys are the things we associate with shopping in the Middle East – carpets, textiles, perfume, spices, gold, frankincense and myrrh. One of the best places for carpets and rugs, you will see them in varied designs and colors.

Rugs & Carpets starting from 150 AED = INR 2700 (approx.)

  1. GO

Al Fahidi Fort

Al Fahidi Fort is one of the most important historical monuments in Dubai. The Fort was converted into a renowned museum famously known as ‘Dubai Museum’ in the year 1970. The Museum is one of the greatest attractions for tourists visiting Dubai.

  1. WEAR

Traditional dress worn in UAE by men and women, Dishdash and Abayas respectively can be worn by tourists as well. You have designer as well as non-designer options available across malls as well souks. Just take care to wear it properly and be respectful.

  1. DO

Desert 4x4

Dubai Desert 4×4 Safari with Quad Ride, Camel Ride, BBQ Dinner and Belly Dancing

300 AED = INR 5400 Indian RupeeTop of Form


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