Fascin8ing Forex – Eight Things Money can buy in Sydney

Skirt the highs and lows of Sydney this winter and make some of the best memories of your life. Here’s a little handy list of 8 things you can do with your  Australian dollars in Sydney, which by the way you can very easily buy on a Forex card for quick purchasing in Australia. Please do note, all prices are subject to change, you can use these as references.


Australian currency is the Australian dollar (symbol: $; code: AUD) and is the currency of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Popular Denominations:

Banknotes:    $5, $10, $20, $50, $100

Coins:  5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2

1 Australian dollar, AUD ($) = 100 cent (c) = 51.12 Indian Rupee (approx.)


  1. FLY

Airfare Cost

Round Trip from India: Approximately $978.15 = INR 50,000/-



  1. STAY

 Double Room: Approximately $100 = INR 5107.87/- per night


  1. EAT

Going to a coastal land and not try some seafood? Naah, not happening! Grab some heavenly crabs at the House of Crabs. And while you are in Aussieland, try some Vegemite..yes, it is a concentrated yeast extract and can be an acquired taste, but you’ll love it for its power packed start to the day! For desserts, try the Pavlova. Its oh-so-very-deelish.

Starting $20= INR 1000/-


  1. DRINK

Try out this exquisite bar and drink in the view along with one of their signature cocktails. Or if you want something truly Australian, try the Bundaberg Rum, a dark variant that will have you hooked.

A 750ml bottle costs around $38 = INR 1938/- approximately



  1. BUY

Just hop over to Paddy’s Market and you’ll get load-full of typical ‘souvenir’ stuff (like Australian flag towels, wacky Boomerangs & a lot more) to please the family and neighbours back home!

Starts as low as 50c = INR 25/- plus


  1. GO

Not to be missed, the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium can get you close to the marine ecosystem that Australia is blessed with. And a sea-heaven for kids if you have a bunch of those along with you.

Tickets starting from $65 = INR 3320/- approximately


  1. WEAR

 Dresses and shirts made from awesome aboriginal prints. These designs are intricate and mesmerising and we have a feeling you’ll end up buying a ton of them for gifts back home. 

Start at $25  = INR 1278/- and up



  1. DO

If you have the stomach (or more appropriately legs) for it, try the climbing tour on Harbour Bridge.

Starting $128 = INR 6500/- Approximately

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