Festival February is Just Around the Corner! Packed your Bags yet?

February is a time for food, film, fun and yes, festivals! Cultures the world over celebrate carnivals of mammoth proportions, and some other bring in their New Year a wee bit later than other parts of the world, but in style! Why February you wonder? Because this is the month leading up to Lent, post which most cultures the world over observe abstain from food and drink and excesses of any kind. Let’s dive right into the list of top 5 not to be missed festivals that change the face of February.

1- Rio Carnival, Rio

Lose yourself in this seemingly androgynous frenzy where three to five thousand people from samba schools all over Rio take to the street armed with massive floats, scintillating costumes and a mad zeal. This four day extravaganza draws in crowds of more than 500,000 and culminates in the much anticipated samba parade. Attend street parties, balls, indulge in some samba classes and cover yourself in sequins and brightly hued feathers.  Book early though!

2- Venice Carnivale, Venice

Get all “cloak and dagger” for this 12 day hedonistic extravaganza that takes over the streets of Venice. Travel back to the 13th century by donning medico, bauta masks and tricone hats, and make life a mystery again.

3- New Year, Hong Kong

Flock to Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong where the celebrations to usher in the Chinese New Year go on all night long. This festival last 15 days and includes traditional floast, lion dances and breathtaking firework displays. Flower markets of mammoth proposition are held to usher in spring and chicken and fish feasts are common. This is one event where you would not mind ‘seeing red’ for the entire city is decorated in red hues.  Don’t forget to load your foreign exchange on the best forex card in india.

4- Mardi Gras, New Orleans

Get donned in purple, green and gold – the Mardi Gras colors for justice, for faith and for power, and take to the streets of New Orleans for some hardcore festivities. From floats which throw free doubloons, trinkets & medallions to some crazy creole cuisine, this is a must-attend event for all those looking to soak in some culture.  Book your tickets and accommodation much in advance though, for this is a popular event. Buy your forex from online portals like Buyforexonline.com to get Forex Hyderabad, forex Mumbai and 40 other cities in India at low rates.

5- Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec

Head to the great white north for 17 days of non-stop winter sporting action, snow sculpting, parades, doglesd race, singing conest and food festivals.Drink ‘caribou’- a heady mix of  brandy, vodka, sherry and port that gets staright to the head. And make the most of this winter wonderland.

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