Focus on the Essentials: What to Carry When Going Abroad for Studies

Yay! Your admission to a foreign university has been confirmed! You are all set to leave your friends & family & about to start a new phase of your life. You must be eager to start your journey as a student in a new country. But wait, there is still that little matter of sorting out what to carry with you. Couple of concerns that might weigh you down, pun unintended – are luggage weight limits & foreign currency rates because foreign exchange dealers in India charges very high commission.

Keep It Light & Figure out Essentials:

  • Prepare a checklist of all the important documents & admission slips.
  • Keep things you need during your departure and arrival handy in your carry on luggage – passport, visa, plane tickets, acceptance letter, pen etc
  • The vast majority of us end up over-packing clothes. Segregate your clothes according to their different purposes – separate the inner wear from the outer, and casuals from the formals. Carry a light warm jacket with you.
  • Carry fragile and expensive items like your laptop and camera in your hand luggage, so they aren’t damaged by any reckless handling of your flight baggage, by the airport staff.
  • If you are planning to carry a lot of money, then consider getting yourself forex card, sometimes referred as prepaid travel card., instead of burdening yourself with copious amounts of cash for tuition fee and wondering if its safe.

In a recent study, the number of Indian students going overseas to study rose a stunning 256% annually! for instance, Hyderabad sends the maximum number of students to foreign universities, and Delhi,  the nation’s capital is at number four when it comes to number of f1 visas issued for studying abroad. The outlier here is Kolkata, but, while a majority of students from other Indian cities came to the US for their master’s degree, a large percentage (44 %) of Kolkata students came to the US for their doctorate.

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