Follow Simple Rules For Exchanging Your Money & Save Big!

Going for international trips can be both energizing & challenging at the same time. In addition to opening up foreign vistas before your eyes, taking a tours abroad will also land you squat in the midst of unknown people and languages, and need you to deal with foreign currencies. One question that comes to mind is how one can get the rates of foreign currency with so many forex dealers available online and offline.

During days of yore, there were two basic choices: take and exchange cash or take and exchange traveler’s cheques. How times have changed. Now, there are brand new options available. But the question still persists. With bank fees rising every year and exchange rates seemingly in constant flux, what’s the best way to change your money?


  • Although a few banks have high charges to utilize foreign ATMs, also including high foreign-transaction fees. Still the ATM is quite often the least expensive for changing your money if your bank has international ATMs or has partnered with other banks abroad.
  • Most credit cards charge a foreign-transaction fee of between 1% and 3% whenever you buy something abroad, but this is still the safest and often the cheapest way to make a large purchase. But sometimes there are hidden fees and sometimes service fee, merchant fee and FX charges all combined can shoot up to as much as 11% per transaction!
  • If you want the security of a credit card, but don’t want the fear of overspending, or incurring lots of fees and charges, a prepaid card may be the answer. With a prepaid card you’re still able make purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs, but the difference is that you pre-load prepaid cards with cash before you start spending, rather than paying them off after you’ve spent. So this is a great way to keep track of finances while abroad. Whats more you can reload Forex cards online remotely.
  • When you see a sign on a websites that offers “no-charge” make sure to check the rates. It’s a good idea to keep up to date to see whether you are getting a good deal historically.
  • A good rule of thumb is to take a prepaid card with you to use for your major expenses, and then bring a small amount of foreign currency with you to pay for small ticket items such as refreshments and public transport, where using a card isn’t really an option.

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