Getaway Winter Vacations To Europe!

Does the prospect of ol’ Jack Frost cause a shiver to run up your spine? In bitter cold or unadulterated excitement? If you chose the latter, then this list is for you. Europe becomes overrun and virtually choked with tourists in the summer months, and if you are willing to embrace some snowy or mildly temperate weather, winter is the best time to be in Europe. So if you looking for lots of elbow room, pristine white landscapes and Mediterranean weather in its truest sense, this list of 5 winter getaways is for you!

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Vienna: Want to plunge headlong into a winter wonderland?  Vienna is the place to be. With Christmas and advent markets, public ice skating rinks and a host of festive parties, Vienna transforms itself in the wintry months. Pass by snow-covered rooftops, ski to your hearts content on  nearby ski slopes and lose yourself in the annals of history that form the core of this remarkable city.

Seville: Head to the heart of Andalucia in the midst of winter to escape its dizzily hot temperatures that plague it during the more popular summer months. Seville is best explored in the cooler months with a more balmy weather, lower hotel rates and fewer crowds to keep that smile permanently etched on your face. Yes, you will still feel the influences of Spain’s passion of Flamenco dancing, bullfighting, tapas and open-air guitar strumming.

Lisbon: Portugal’s capital city enjoys mild winters with temperatures rarely dropping below 50 degrees, but there is a small prospect of rain, so keep those mackintoshes and umbrellas handy. This is a big pay off, for hotel prices are dirt cheap during this time and popular tourist destinations around Manuelline architecture are yours for the taking, with hardly any tourist milling around. Take in its entrenched “Cafe culture”, charming alleyways winding their way through bleached-out limestone buildings and spectacular hilltop vistas.

Prague: Temperatures drop, and how! But Prague’s numerous castles, underground restaurants, Christmas markets and concerts make up in a big way for its freezing climate. Prague has a dark and resilient history and welcomes travelers who love to listen to its tale of survival. Dive headlong into a European fairy-tale, with Prague’s multistory churches, statue-lined bridges create and narrow streets creating the perfect backdrop for a dramatic bit of storytelling.

Nice: The French Riviera is not just for the rich and glamorous. In its colder months, airfares and lodging fares to this popular stretch of French coast dramatically drop. Temperatures hover around the mid-50s, making it a pleasant experience. In February, the city hosts the ‘Nice Festival’ one of the worlds largest annual cultural events. So be there!

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