Here’s How You Can Avoid Excess Travel Fees

There are numerous ways people get exploited in the travel world. No, we are not talking about scams, we are talking about legal (but unethical) means using which, and travellers get exploited. Think about it, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew the magic spells which would help you avoid excess travel fees?

Listed below are all the travel fees which can be avoided:

  • ATM Withdrawal Fee –

If you use your debit or credit card to withdraw money from a foreign ATM, you will incur a withdrawal fee. One way to save on that fee is by using a prepaid Forex Card from select online vendors. Buy Forex Online offers two free ATM withdrawals per calendar month.


  • Paying with a debit/credit card –

Continuing with the previous point, paying money for a purchase from/in a foreign country using your debit or credit card is not a good idea. The transaction can cost you up to 6.5% of the total transaction amount in the form of fee. You can easily avoid that if you use a Buy Forex Online prepaid travel card for the transaction.


  • Check-in Baggage Fee –

This is highly common when you travel with an inexpensive airline (hello, Air Asia, Ryan Air). Most low-cost airlines have a limit on the carry-on baggage and charge extra for check-in luggage. The best way to avoid this fee is by travelling light. If the baggage weighs just a few hundred grams more than the limit, you can adjust by wearing extra clothes instead of carrying them. In fact, most airlines are too stringent about the weight if it is just a little more. If that’s not practical, pay for check-in luggage at least 24-hours in advance. Anything post that and you might have to pay the triple amount for check-in baggage.


  • Dynamic Currency Conversion Fee –

When withdrawing money from an ATM in a foreign country, the machine is likely to ask you which currency you would prefer to be charged in. You may think that it is nice of the ATM to provide you with the option to be charged in your local currency. If that’s what you select, you will end up paying more. Always opt to get charged in the foreign currency.

For instance, if you are using your Indian Forex card in England, opt for GBP, not INR.

Most banks, including the popular ones, charge for Dynamic Currency Conversion or DCC. If you select the option to get charged in your local currency, they will charge double the amount in the form of currency conversion fee.


  • Rental Car Insurance Fee –

Rental car insurance fee can cost you as much as the rent for the car itself. In a foreign country, if you rent a car, the rental company is most likely going to persuade you to buy the insurance. The wisest thing to do in that case would be to make the payment using your credit card. Most credit card companies provide insurance cover for car rentals. If you don’t have one such international card, make sure you do your research and know the road conditions. If the conditions and the past records are good, you can avoid paying for the insurance.


  • Advance Seat Selection –

It is understandable when airlines charge for seats which offer extra legroom, but it makes no sense whatsoever when they charge for whichever seat you choose. The problem increases if you are travelling with family.

Here is a hack which can help you get the seat of your choice without having to pay anything for it. Want to know what is it? It’s simple – ask for it at the check-in counter. Really, just ask for it … nicely. If they have it, they can give it to you.


  • International Roaming Charges –

Using your local sim in a foreign country would cost a lot. One way of avoiding the data charges is by turning off data roaming and using Wi-Fi. If it is just the maps and destinations to visit that you need information about, download offline maps on Google and the cities on Trip Advisor. If, however, you are dependent on the internet, you should rather invest in a local sim card and activate a data pack.


  • Hotel Room Goodies –

This one can be labelled a scam. Hotels slyly provide a mini bar or a nano-fridge inside the room. You may believe that it is inclusive with the room price and you end up consuming the F&B. Worst of all they are overpriced. Only during checkout do you realize that it all came at an additional fee.


  • Airport Money Exchange –

Exchanging money at an airport is the most common way travellers get exploited. More often than not, the Forex vendors at the airports offer much higher exchange rates to cover overhead costs. Unless you need some local cash to reach your hotel, do not exchange money at an airport. Exchange money with an online Forex company  to get the best deal.


  • Lounge Access –

Who wouldn’t want to relax at an airport lounge? However, considering the exorbitant amount that they charge, most of us avoid the luxurious arena. But what if we tell you that you can relax at an airport lounge for a negligible amount? We are not joking. Visa and MasterCard offer lounge access (select lounges) to their specific cardholders for a negligible amount. Contact your bank for more details.


Use these methods and let us know how effective they turned out to be. Also, is there any hack you know which helps you save fees while travelling?

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