Hit The Streets & Binge – The World’s Best Cities for Street Food!

Live to eat & travel? Then we promise you will love this list! Pack your bags And your appetite for some of the best street food the world can offer. Before you go, make sure you order your foreign exchange online, so that you can top up your forex if you ever run out of funds.

Mexico City, Mexico

Think Mexican food and you think Taco bell. But if you want to taste authenticity and freshness, and get away from run of the mill franchise foods, head to Mexico city’s bustling markets of Mercado San Juan, in the Cuauhtémoc borough, and La Merced, in the La Merced neighborhood. The streets are dotted with stalls selling  antojitos (street snacks), such as roasted elotes (corn on the cob), fried corn masahuaraches and cornmeal cakes called tlacoyos.

 Marrakech, Morocco

Aah…the mystique of Marrkech. Head to the main  square, Djemaa el Fna, where food stalls sell escargots (snails) by the ladleful, harira(lentil and chickpea soup), skewers of seasoned meats  by the dozen and  jumbo bags of dried fruits and nuts.

 Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is not just about Doner Kebabs.  Try the hawking börek (flaky pastry), simit (ring-shaped sesame bread that recalls a pretzel) and kumpir (baked potatoes stuffed with ketchup and pickles to olives and sausage) from any specialty store in Istanbul.

 Bangkok, Thailand

Yaowarat Road in the city’s Chinatown has makeshift stands offer pork skewered on sugar canes, flavorful fish curries, decadently sweet bananas deep-fried in rice-flour batter and durian, a notoriously stinky fruit. If you are adventurous enough, then this is one street you must not miss.

 Berlin, Germany

There’s more than just Beer in Berlin. Try some Turkish doner kebabs and Currywurst, both dishes heavily influenced by outside presence. Currywurst is fried sausage covered in a thick sauce of ketchup and curry powder. Head to the boho Kreuzberg neighborhood, one of the best places for currywurst.

 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Vietnamese street food can be given pho stars! Pardon the humor, but Saigon’s street foods offer a startling variety of decadent broths and sandwiches…yes, broths! Try the savory soup known as pho and the banh mi(pâté sandwiches on French bread) to regional southern specialties likebanh xeo (stuffed pancakes) and canh chua (fish soup).

 Paris, France

Welcome to the land of cheese, wine and decadent desserts! Imagine a street filled with crepe stands belting out steaming hot , fresh crêpes piled with melted Gruyère cheese and ham, all for 3 euros! Neighbourhoods like the Latin Quarter and Montmartre has Crêpe stands galore, but Josselin on rue du Montparnasse is noted for its savory crepes. If you are in rue des Rosiers, do try the falafel.

 Portland, Oregon

If you are food cart fan, head to  Portland, where over 200 food carts dish out fresh hot street food and are often found in semi-permanent lots called “pods.” From sushi to Norwegian-inspired wraps made with lefse (potato flatbread), find virtually anything your stomach desires.

 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rodizios, or serving buffets and unlimited servings of meat, what more could a meat lover ask for?  Find stands selling  hawking churrasquinhos (skewered meats), pão de queijo (cheese bread) and pastels (deep fried pockets likewontons) along the boardwalks of Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, for Rio offers a unique blend of Portuguese, Brazilian and Japanese cuisines.


A veritable melting pot of cultures, Singapore is globally known for its fusion street food, where there is a strong pan-Asian influence with Chinese, Indian and Malay flavors creating a beautiful collaboration. Head to the Old Airport Road Food Centre, and sample everything from roti and satays to steamed pork buns and curried noodles.

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