Hot Summer Destinations 2015

Summer’s just around the bend and things are heating up…literally. Cool off with our hot summer retreat picks. Book flights & accommodation early to save a bundle. Buying early also ensures that you get the lowest forex rates.

Málaga, Spain 

Bye Bye Barcelona, for Malaga is where it’s at!  Cultural aficionados unite, for the famous Pompidou Centre opens its first museum outside of Paris here.  From “the Cube” a striking €5m glass building, to the Museum of Fine Arts, Malaga is a haven for the art & architecturally inclined. What’s more, there are tapas galore for the travelling foodie.

Kanazawa, Japan

One of the few Japanese cities to escape major destruction during the Second World War, Kanazawa lives to retain its heritage and traditional culture. Visit the samurai residencies of the Nagamachi quarter, and take a blast to the past as you experience the  teahouses of Higashi Chayagai, famed for their Geisha community.

Yosemite, California

Summer is when Yosemite comes alive – from for hiking, rafting, fishing to rock climbing, the activities are endless.  This is a protected haven of 1,200 square miles filled with deep valleys, wild-flower meadows, giant sequoias and waterfalls. It’s best to visit Yosemite in the summer for most trails and roads are closed off during winter.

Memphis, Tennessee

Home of the King…Elvis! In Memphis, Tennessee, rock’n’roll, blues and soul music is life itself.  Visit Graceland, Elvis Presley’s iconic home, and the Blues Music Hall of Fame or the Memphis Music Hall of Fame and relive your best moments in the world of music. Also, buy your forex online to get the best usd exchange rate.

Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Explore the hidden side of  Europe and go off the beaten path by visiting Bosnia & Herzegovina.  This perfect blend of East-meets-West atmosphere set amidst pristine craggy landscapes makes one hard to imagine that this region was once in the midst of a heart-breaking civil war.

Patagonia, Chile

Want to travel to the end of the world? Well you can get really really close to that dream by hiking in Patagonia. It is wild, barren and beautiful and is an adventure lover’s paradise.

Belgrade, Serbia

Want to avoid hordes of tourists thronging Europe during Summer? Head to Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. Belgrade literally means ‘White City’ but is colourful, exciting and bold to the traveller. Before you set off on your adventure, order your foreign exchange online to get the best euro exchange rate.


Lose yourself in the aromatic old streets of Fez, or go hunting for Magic carpets in the Souks of Marakkech. If you want to travel back in time and experience a hospitality that’s totally unique, make sure Morocco is in your list of Summer destinations.