How Important Is an International Travel Card for Frequent Business Travellers

Do you frequently travel abroad for business related purposes? If yes, then this blog has been exclusively written for you.

There are several ways to carry money with you on your international business trips, including Traveller’s Cheque, Debit or Credit Card, Cash, and Prepaid Travel Card. But the best one, by far, is a Prepaid Travel Card.

Before we talk about the importance of an international travel card for frequent business travellers, let us know what an international travel card is.

What is an international travel card?

A prepaid travel card, also known as prepaid Forex card, allows its holder to carry money in a foreign currency which is loaded in the card. This feature makes it really convenient for frequent business travellers. The card, just like any debit or credit card, allows the holder to use it for making payments electronically or by withdrawing money from an ATM. A prepaid Forex card is, in most cases, is registered either with Visa or with MasterCard. Both of which are widely accepted all across the world.

Importance of an International Travel Card for Frequent Business Travellers:

  • International Travel Card is the safest way to carry money abroad –

The prime objective of carrying money in an international Forex travel card is to keep the money it is loaded with safe and secure. International Forex travel cards issued by Buy Forex Online come with a built-in chip which makes them extremely safe and secure. In case if your card gets stolen or even if you lose it, contact Buy Forex Online and you will get a replacement card at no additional cost. The delivery time for the replacement card is between two to seven working days.

  • You can load up to USD 250,000 in your International Travel Card –

Understanding the needs of a frequent business traveller, an international Forex travel card can be loaded up to USD 250000 (or its equivalent amount in different currencies) per financial year.

  • International Travel Card can carry multiple foreign currencies –

A prepaid travel card comes in the form of either a multi-currency card or a single-currency card. As their name suggests, a multi-currency card allows the holder to carry more than one foreign currency in it, whereas a single-currency card allows the holder to carry just one foreign currency in it. Buy Forex Online provides you with the option to carry the card of your choice. The currencies offered by Buy Forex Online are Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, China Yuan Renminbi, Euro, Japanese Yen, GB Pound Sterling, Russia Rubles, Singapore Dollar, South Africa Rand, Swiss Franc, Thai Baht, UAE Dirham, and US Dollar.

  • International Travel Card offers better exchange rates –

Banks charge about 5 to 7% on currency exchange. So, if you withdraw foreign currency equivalent to INR 50000 using your bank debit or credit card, you will be charged about INR 2500 to 3500. As a frequent business traveller, you would look for the best possible exchange rates. Buy Forex Online provides the lowest exchange rates, which are updated every 10 minutes.

  • International Travel Card is widely accepted –

Since a prepaid Forex card is registered with either Visa or MasterCard, it is widely accepted. You can use it in pretty much any ATM outside India or for making online transactions abroad. Also, both Visa and MasterCard have a number of merchant partners spread all over the world. In comparison, Traveller’s Cheques are not accepted everywhere.

  • International Travel Card is easy to load and reload –

You can load and reload your international Forex travel card from the comfort of your home or office. The process is extremely simple and time-efficient. All you would need to do to purchase a card from Buy Forex Online is to upload pictures of the relevant documents, make the payment, and relax.

  • International Travel Card doesn’t charge Dynamic Currency Conversion Fee –

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) fee is charged if you withdraw money from an ATM outside India using your debit or credit card. On average, it can be about 3 to 5% of the total amount you withdraw from a foreign ATM. DCC fee will not be charged if you use an international Forex card to withdraw money from an ATM because the card is already loaded with the local currency of the foreign country.

  • International Travel Card can be delivered at your doorstep –

Buy Forex Online offers doorstep delivery in as many as 15 different locations across the country. Understanding the needs of a frequent business traveller, the delivery time takes no more than 48 hours. And, oh! This service is absolutely free.

  • Three Free ATM withdrawals on International Travel Card –

As a frequent international business traveller, it is obvious that you would need to make ATM withdrawals abroad. Most Forex card dealers charge an ATM withdrawal fee (usually USD 5 per transaction), every time you withdraw money from an international ATM. However, if you buy travel card online from Buy Forex Online, you can get three ATM withdrawals per calendar month for free.

  • International Travel Card comes with travel insurance –

Your international Forex travel card purchased from Buy Forex Online comes with complimentary insurance cover. This feature allows frequent business travellers an insurance cover of up to INR 3,00,000 in case of any fraudulent use of your card.


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