How Much Does it Cost to Travel to England for the 2019 Cricket World Cup From India

(For semi-final and Final matches)

Although the format of the 2019 Cricket World Cup has changed to round-robin, India is one of the favorites to win it. Looking at their current form, India is well set to make it to the top-4 and enter the knockout stage. Based on this safe assumption, several Indians from around the world are showing interest to visit England and support our Indian team. But there is this one hurdle for most of the people wishing to visit England – How much does it cost to travel to England for the 2019 cricket world cup from India? This blog will tackle the hurdle and provide tips to bring down the total cost.

  1. Primary Expenses –

These are the expenses which cannot be avoided.

  • Flight Tickets – Let’s accept it, booking the flight tickets less than a month in advance will be a little expensive. A return ticket will cost you at least INR 42000. You can, however, save a thousand or two by booking one ticket at a time yourself, booking the return tickets generally cost more, especially through an agent. You can use websites such as Kayak, WeGo, Skyscanner, etc., to look for the best possible option.
  • Visa – Visa fee to visit the UK for an Indian passport holder is GBP 93 (INR 8,200 approx). This is the minimum amount that you will have to pay. The cost may increase if you get the visa through an agency.
  • Accommodation – Accommodation can be as expensive or inexpensive depending on your choice. As per (which is also one of the main sponsors of this year’s Cricket World Cup), accommodation in Manchester an Edgbaston (semi-finals) begins from GBP 24 (INR 2100 approx) and 30 (INR 2700 approx) per night, respectively (twin sharing basis). In London (final), accommodation for two people will cost at least GBP 27 (INR 2400 approx).
  • Match Tickets – The ticket prices for the two semi-finals start from GBP 75 (INR 6,600 approx) and go up to GBP 240 (INR 21,200 approx). The ticket prices for the final at Lord’s start from GBP 95 (INR 8,400 approx) and go up to GBP 395 (INR 35,000 approx). Keep in mind that the cheapest tickets get sold out quickly.
  • Food – As you already know, England is quite an expensive country to visit. As per the Big Mac Index, something that costs INR 100 in India would cost INR 160 in England. So, considering that F&B costs INR 1000/day in India, it would cost INR 1600 in England.
  1. Miscellaneous Expenses –

These are the expenses which can be avoided, but there are other factors which may affect.

  • Transportation – You may have to take a mode of transport to reach your hotel, the match venue, and/or the airport. None of the grounds is in the centre of the city, so you most likely will have to take something.
  • Tipping – Tipping in England is not mandatory, but still a norm.
  • Party – Assuming India lifts the World Cup for the second time at Lord’s, it would be hard to not celebrate. You think celebrating India’s win in England would be free of cost?
  1. Avoidable Expenses –

These are the expenses which can be easily avoided.

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion Charge – When you use an ATM in England, you will get the option of getting charged in either the local currency (GBP) or in your currency (INR). Do not opt for your currency, albeit it seems like a good option. It is not, it’s more expensive.The ideal option would be to get charged in GBP.
  • Data – If you are going to stay in England for a short period and you can stay away from the internet for a few hours a day, do not buy an internet data pack. Most of the places in England offer free Wi-Fi. Use that instead.
  • Shopping – It is difficult to resist shopping in England, but remember your priority.
  • Card – Buy pound online, not offline. You can get a much better rate for pound sterling online. On, GBP costs INR 87.81 (as on 17/06/19). Oh, yes, it is the lowest price guaranteed.
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