How to Buy Pounds for Your Future Trip at the Lowest Rates

So, how do you do go about aquiring pounds when you’re planning a trip to the United Kingdom? Do you worry about this before leaving your home country or after you reach there? How do you generally you buy pounds – from an airport a bank or from forex dealers? These are questions that every foreign travelers ought to consider before they go off on their new adventure.

Individuals who visit the UK from India, will need to pay a part of their travel budget in Indian Rupees and a part of their expenses in pounds. The Indian rupee part (INR) goes towards your Airfare and visas and the pounds part goes towards your lodging, Transports Meals, Sightseeing’s & Shopping.

Here are some of your tips to get best rates for pounds in India:

  1. Currency Exchange Dealers around You: This is the first option that comes into everyone’s mind. But always keep in mind that currency exchange rates change every hour & your local money exchange dealers offer you currency on daily rates & keep their margins, and commission very high.
  1. Money Exchange Counters at Banks: Keep in mind that banks don’t keep a large amount of currencies with them. Beyond this, you often incur hidden costs.
  1. Purchase It at The Airport Terminal: Currency exchange desks are present on most of the airports. But Airport exchange counters are the least advisable by experts, they often charge you extra commission in each transaction & currency exchange rates are generally higher than any other foreign exchange option.
  1. International Currency or Prepaid Forex Cards: Prepaid forex cards are becoming very popular among frequent travelers & turned out to be the best option for carrying foreign currency because of their endless benefits such as security, usability, remote reload option, multicurrency capability etc.
  1. Online Foreign Exchange: Apart from better & live rates and savings, using online foreign exchange service gives you utmost ease and access to manage your foreign currency payments, while giving you the transparency that your bank doesn’t. You can book your order 24*7 to buy pounds in india without leaving your comfort & your order will be delivered to your doorstep.