How to Get The Best Currency Exchange Rates in Mumbai

Mumbai, which was previously known by the name of Bombay, is Maharashtra’s capital & also known as the financial capital of India. Recently there was a steep rise in number of foreign travelers from Mumbai, according to a survey ‘Indian travelers planning more international trips in 2015 & beyond’. Keeping this in mind, getting a good deal on foreign exchange services should be top priority.

Below are certain points to keep in mind before purchasing foreign currency vendors in Mumbai:

Look at All the Options Available Offline & Online:  Many people believe that their travel agent or forex dealer around the corner offers them the best rates for foreign exchange in Mumbai. The best option is to reasearch a bit on your smartphone or laptop for the best online currency exchange deals around you. This way you can cover the entire market from comfort of your home.

Buy Your Desired Currency Prior to Your Trip: To get the best currency rates, it is highly recommended that you please don’t leave currency exchange to the last minute. Purchase your desired currency at least a week prior to date of your travel.

Check for Hidden Charges and Offers: Always Pay special attention to hidden charges, try to figure out the amount you are paying altogether & how much currency you will receive. Also have a closer look at offers for forex in Mumbai. If you are getting good exchange rate for your desired currency, the benefits of a great exchange rate can be totally negated by commissions and handling fees.

Ensure its Trustworthiness: After choosing one organization, research more about the company to ensure that it is trustworthy. Look at their social profiles, check for review sites if they have respectable reputation. Search for physical location & toll free number.