How to Go Green When You Travel

Traveling is an art. You can visit the same destination over and over, but come back home with a different experience each time.  But believe us you will be enriched, every single time. So the next time you travel, take to travelling green. It may seem tough at first, but it will definitely pay off in the long run! Here are some tips that will help you travel green:

  1. Use more public transport – bus, train or metro. Since this is more like carpooling, you will contribute to significantly lower greenhouse emissions than flying
  2. If you are planning to drive around, rent a fuel efficient vehicle for long road trips.
  3. Travelling coach never sounded better. By flying coach or economy, you are actually saving resources, for upgraded seating uses more resources per person.
    Buy carbon credits to offset the environmental effects of your travel. Try and  shrink your carbon footprint in the first place, but also try and contribute carbon offset programs for they will help fund reforestation and renewable energy projects.
  4. Carry reusable water bottles with you instead of buying water bottles. You can always refill them after you passed through security check.
  5. Seek out eco-certified lodging and tours. Look for certified green hotels that are in LEED Certified buildings, use renewable energy, recycle, and use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  6. Conserve electricity and turn off the lights and AC when you aren’t in your hotel room.
  7. Use biodegradable bath products. If possible carry them with you if they aren’t locally available.
  8. Make sure you reuse those linens and towels. Just because there’s a round the clock laundry service, you don’t need to use it every time.
    Conserve water: Turn the water off while you’re brushing your teeth, take short showers.
  9. Walk! Explore your destination by foot whenever possible.
    If you want to explore longer trails, rent a bike. Its good for your health and great for the environment!
  10. Take your trash with you if you’re camping or visiting other outdoor destinations.
  11. Avoid large establishments or stores. Buy souvenirs from local artisans or small businesses.
  12. Try and eat at locally owned restaurants that use local ingredients. The food on your plate has a lower carbon footprint since it is locally sourced and has travelled less. It will also have fewer preservatives, so it is sure to taste better!
  13. Avoid buying souvenirs made from endangered animals or dwindling natural resources. Travel light & carry less luggage – for the lighter the plane, the less fuel used.
  14. Say bye to physical maps & download digital guidebooks; you’re saving paper and trees. Before leaving for international destinations, buy your forex online forex, and in advance to get a good forex rate, while at the same time saving on paper with online document upload options.
  15. Read up on the specific environmental concerns of your destination before you go. Do your homework on any tour involving people or animals. You might be disturbing their natural environment in the name of tourism.
  16. Don’t dump your trash, especially e-waste. If possible carry it back with you and dispose of it at smartly. Recycle wherever possible.
  17. Donate to local grass-roots organisations
  18. Choose an ethical travel destination – Here is a list of the World’s 10 Best Ethical Destinations 2014
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Cape Verde
  • Chile
  • Dominica
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Mauritius
  • Palau
  • Uruguay

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