International Travel Tips For People Travelling From Kolkata & Chennai

In the matter of travel, heading abroad from Kolkata or Chennai is totally a different from your typical Indian family holiday. Not just international travel trip are longer compared to local ones, but there are certain other things to consider from passport and prerequisites to avoiding overspending on ATM withdrawals and credit card transactions. Over the years, we have compiled a list of tips & tricks to make travelling abroad from these two cities less expensive, more effective and above all, stress free.

Financial Tips

With so many options to carry foreign exchange with you it’s always a point of concern that which one is best for us? It is highly recommended that choose compare all the available options & choose the one which suites you & before purchasing compare the rates with all the online forex dealers.

Purchase Some Foreign Currency Ahead of Date of Your Travel: Since most of the money exchange options like ATM cards or credit cards charge you a transaction charges. It is advisable that purchase some foreign exchange in Chennai & Kolkata from a reputed dealer.

Carry a Forex Prepaid Card:  Forex cards are accepted by almost all major banks across the globe with very less or no transaction charges. If you are travelling to multiple countries at the same time you should carry a multicurrency card & considered as best option for foreign exchange in Kolkata & Chennai

Health and Travel Insurance

Consult or visit your regular doctor to learn of any health concerns and requirements relevant to your destination. Regardless of the fact that there’s no risk your health, a few nations require against certain diseases.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance can be a mixed bag. Travel insurance broadly accessible and can be a smart idea for costly trips there might be a medical emergency or emergency evacuation could be necessary, as well as if you are going to areas of potential political unrest.


Phone plan

Most of the mobile phone agencies nowadays offers international roaming plans that can save your cash on internet surfing & calling while abroad. A lot many people who plan to be abroad for quite a while, particularly in one or only a couple of nations choose to get a local SIM card and just use a new number and carrier service while they’re away.