Keep An Eye on Your Travel Money with Prepaid Forex Card

Discovering a safe, convenient way to deal with your foreign currency for your trip is a key part of planning your holiday. While earlier, it was a very straightforward choice between cash or travellers’ cheques, in recent times another medium is fast gaining popularity – the prepaid travel card 

According to a recent survey by in the near future, more travelers than ever are expected to go abroad.

Prepaid forex cards offer various appealing advantages in the modern travel environment. Whether they are intended for use in travel, public transport, online/offline retailing or as a part of an incentive rewards scheme. These cards offer increased security & a simple way to help users manage their budget. Because of these two major advantages these cards have increased their popularity.

How a Prepaid Forex Card Works?

These cards are almost similar to your debit or credit card & you can ‘load’ these with all of your holiday spending money. You can check balance & account details on the go. Just choose the amount of currency you’d like to add & then swipe these cards directly or withdraw money from any nearby ATM in the country you are traveling to.

Where to order these Cards in India?

Most major banks in India have their own variants. Each offers different exchange rates, but to obtain the best forex card in India you need to conduct a bit of research beforehand. For instance if you’re looking for hdfc forex card we recommend you to compare rates with all the money exchangers & banks before making any decision.

Where Would You be Able to Utilize Prepaid Forex Cards?

Now a days, these cards are accepted pretty much everywhere! From your hotel rent to restaurant bills, you can pay pretty much everything with these cards.

What if the Card Runs Out of the Money?

These cards can be easily reloaded with cash, & topping them up is very easy. Just log in to sites like and place an online order for reload whether at home or abroad.

What happens if the card is lost or stolen?

Don’t panic! The card can’t be used without a PIN! You can place a request for duplicate card and the balance on card can usually be replaced and restored within 24 hours.