Melt Your Worries – Winter Holiday Travel Tips

It’s no secret that winter and holiday travel during the last months of the year can turn out to be an…ahem, chilling experience. Long waits, bad weather and unexpected challenges can make your travel a not-so-pleasant experience. Especially when you are travelling by air, you can count on more delays than you’d experience in the summer & your nearby foreign exchange dealers in India may charge you a great commission for currency exchange owing to higher demand.

However, don’t let the winter travel season make you blue. Become a smarter and happier traveler for this winter vacation & use the following tips to make your travel easier.

Airline Travel Tips:

Plan ahead for your own sanity – putting off planning to the last minute, always leaves a great deal of your trip to happen stance. Leave at least an extra hour earlier, for your flights. Give yourself additional time than normal keeping in mind the peripheral delays that could occur. In some countries with snow or ice, arrival delays can exceed two to three hours and de-icing procedures can take an hour before takeoff.


Packing can be a challenge this time of year. Employ tried-and-tested tips to ensure that your winter packing will be a breeze from here on out. Opt for lightweight fabrics, wear the bulky pieces on the plane & wear your heavy boots while travelling on the plane.


Think about and look out for best forex deals. With the onset of the web, there are lots of online foreign exchange services but to make sure that you get the best exchange rate, you must plan in advance. For instance if you are traveling to the United States, compare dollar exchange rates on all the available currency exchange portals providing forex India & choose the one which is offering best dollar exchange rate & is credible. Look for testimonials from customers.