Money Saving Tip for Business Travel From India

Preparing presentations, planning meetings & taking care of air tickets, packing your luggage, getting the best currency exchange rates, preparing for a business trip is a like a project of its own. To minimize your workload, maximize your time & save a quick buck, try using following tips:

  1. Save Money On Air Travel

If you know the dates of your travel in advance, start looking for deals on some good travel websites before the date of your travel. Avoid carrying additional baggage, don’t go beyond the prescribed limits. Smart packing makes it possible to go with just a carry-on bag for most short trips.

  1. Save Money in Hotels

Look out some good deals online. Try searching for “hotel” plus the name of your destination. The least expensive may be below your standard, so have a look at reviews on popular and reliable sites like TripAdvisor and LonelyPlanet.

Try coupon websites to get some good deals & coupons for the hotels located in country you are travelling to.

Pay your hotel bills using a forex card. Forex cards can be obtained from any good foreign exchange dealer in India. Do a search forcurrency exchange online in India & you will find some great websites to buy a forex card from.

  1. Save Money On Currency Exchange

Always carry some local currency with you, don’t wait for the last moment. According to some experienced travelers ‘you must buy local currency of the country you are travelling to at least 3 weeks prior to your trip’. Carry enough currency with you so that you don’t have to exchange currency on airport because exchange rates on airports are very high! You can sell your left over currency to any good foreign currency exchange service in india.