Money Saving Tips On Currency Exchange & Flight Booking for Your Next International Travel

Booking a flight & purchasing foreign currency for your next international trip is simple, but getting a good deal isn’t. Everyone fervently wishes to get a cheap air ticket or the best currency exchange rates for travelling abroad…but if only wishes were horses!

Fear not! For here are some tips from travel experts around the globe, curated to help you save money on flight booking & money exchange in India.

Book Your Tickets & Currency Early:

The best, simple & tested approach! The closer you get to your travel dates, the higher the cost of booking flight ticket. Book no less than 30 days ahead of time to get a less expensive flights. Same goes with currency rates as well purchase your foreign currency 3 weeks before your trip to get the best rates.

Avoid Weekend Flights:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are the busiest travel days. Obviously, weekend voyaging is advantageous for working people. So for you as a traveler looking for saving money, travelling on Wednesday & Thursdays is best. Air tickets for every destination is cheapest during midweek, also late night & mid-day flights are less expensive than their early morning and night counterparts.

Look Out for Deals & Discounts:

There is no lack of discounts, promotional offers, cash backs & offers that can give you best deals on air tickets & forex India. Be active & stay alert! There are certain websites to look for travel deals in India. Sign up for their newsletter for latest deals & updates.

Choose Non-Refundable Tickets: Non-refundable tickets are less expensive than refundable tickets. Keeping this in mind, book your ticket when you are totally certain of your travel dates.

Book for a Round Trip: Again if you are sure of your travel dates book a round trip ticket, you will definitely save you a lot on your travel budget.