Must Visit Destinations in Europe During Winters

Do you ever feel torn between choosing the best time or season to travel to Europe? Or maybe you feel that Europe is only awesome during summers? Think Again.

With its festive Christmas markets, snowy forests, and fewer tourists, Europe in winter is much more enjoyable than you might think. The costs for beds in Hostels in winter are extremely low, almost a half of the price you would pay during summer season, but make sure you get the best forex rate before leaving India, for exchanging currency in any country in Europe, you might end up shelling out a lot more.

Read on, our fellow travellers, to explore some must-visit destinations during winters in Europe.

  1. Paris: Paris almost tops the list of the most costly cities in the world, but not during the winters. It makes for a perfect destination for couples! With a normal of 3-5 degrees of temperature it’s not freezing cold like north India. But carry an umbrella with you for it might rain.
  2. London: London is not only a typical summer destination, it is very popular among backpackers and travelers for & when it comes to the coldest time of year you will save a lot of money on the accommodation!
  3. Krakow: Winter in Krakow always means being under a blanket of snow. So if you want to experience winter wonderland, visit Krakow. Make sure you try cold-winter treats like Christmas gingerbread. Go to the main city square watch the  lights tinkle and people pass by as you sip on some mulled wine. It is sure to warm you up!
  4. Barcelona:Barcelona is a tourist hub and tends to be expensive! But during winters the price is much cheaper. The weather in the city, owing to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea is warm (15°C), sunny, and cloudless.
  5. Prague: The climate is cold, the wine is hot and hotels are cheap! During the Christmas time the city is made brighter by Christmas Markets. The two main Christmas Markets in Prague are held at the Old Town Square, close to the Charles Bridge, and the Wenceslas Square, right in the city center and old town of Prague.

Take a chance, bundle up and visit during the coldest time of the year, to have an affordable Europe Tour. You will be surprised at how much money you can save and particularly how different some destinations look like in winter!

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