Number of Indians Travelling Abroad May Rise Six-Fold

Travelling abroad seems to be high on the agenda of many Indians this year. According to a study number of Indians travellers in 2013 represents only 1% of the country’s total population of the country. In 2010, India generated just under 13 million outbound travellers as compared to 57.4 million by China.

However, the capability of the Indian travel market is enormous. Over the last five years number of Indians travelers India has more than doubled and this is reflected in strong growth in outbound travel from India. A late review by travel site shows a 21 per cent rise in Indians planned to take a foreign trip in the year 2014, compared to 2013, the most famous destinations among Indian travelers are New Zealand, France & Switzerland. “Indian travellers to north east Asia, south Asia, south east Asia and the Pacific are increasing at 10% annually or more,” said the report, which analyzed the geopolitical, social, economic and technological trends. It’s also revealed that most of the travels are from metros, Mumbai sends the maximum travels to abroad follow by the national capital Newdelhi. Countries including the US, the UK, Poland & Australia have been putting more money to promote themselves in India.

More than 90% of Indian travellers expect to visit family members overseas in the future, with most expecting to visit multiple times.

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