Order Your Travel Money Now With Prepaid Forex Card

Don’t wait until you go to the airport, sort out your travel money now with forex card!

Thinking of getting your currency exchange at the airport or when your land at your destination or reach your hotel? Obviously, at first glance, these options seem helpful and quick. However can you say they are going to give you a better forex rate? The issue with airport terminal currency exchange is that they know they have a captive audience. With such a large number of travels & students utilizing their services & requirements foreign currency before they leave their home ground, these airport currency exchange companies charge you a very high currency exchange rate & commission. They justify higher costs because of their higher overhead fees. If you can, avoid exchanging currency at airport unless you require emergency cash. According to a recent study you can save up to 10% if you avoid currency exchange on airport

Buying a prepaid forex card generally works out overall best option for carrying foreign money, as forex cards are the least expensive. The best feature of these cards is  that they are safe & secure, this safety is because of a four digit PIN that is only known by the owner of the card. An additional benefit is if customer loses the card it can be blocked by contacting respective bank to avoid any misuse & bank will deliver a fresh card to you. Most banks also offer a spare card which can be activated if the primary card is lost.

Before focusing on the costs associated with prepaid Forex cards. You need to consider another benefit. For Instance if you are on business travel & visiting the United States as well as the United Kingdom you need not to bother about carrying Dollar & Pounds separately, for multiple currencies can be loaded to a single Forex Card.

A Prepaid Forex Card can be purchased online by simply taking your pick of currencies and making payment. You will not be charged any additional charges or activation fees. Forex cards can also be used to make online E-commerce transactions as well.  So you can enjoy a hassle free travel and complete peace of mind with a prepaid Forex card.