Places to Travel This Summer: For Families, Solo Travelers, and Friends

Summers can be monstrous scorchers. But it’s also when cooler climes, solitary lagoons, and mysterious getaways beckon. It’s when winged denizens ratchet up a delightful cacophony of chirps and tweets, inviting you into their carefree world. It’s when time halts and nature takes over, challenging you to be one with it, in your own pristine world.

We give you nine locations to be at this summer—each more delectable and hypnotically unique than the last.

#Holidaying with your family: It’s fun that never ends

Spending time with your loved ones at your favorite holiday spots around the world promise to be nothing but fun and enticement! Families prefer spots where they could enjoy with their totsas well as the older generation.

Here are some interesting places for holidaying families to explore around the world.

United Arab Emirates, ‘The land that vibes’: The UAE is always a perfect choice for an ideal family holiday. With numerous and marvelous architectural displays like the Burj Khalifa, musical fountains, enthralling desert safaris, and clean beaches make the UAE a truly exotic location for families to enjoy their holidays. The region is known for a blend of cultures co-existing, so for the gastronome wanting a diverse experience, there delicacies from all over the world. Enjoy your stay in Majlis in the deserts and experience the hospitality of Arab nationals and their mouthwatering cuisine.


Thailand, ‘The land of smiles’: Remember those elegant Buddhist locales in movies that truly evoke the romantic soul in you? That’s exotic Thailand for you. Thailand is famous for its pristine beauty, monasteries, elegant shrines, and photogenic rock formations. The ostentatious palaces, the breathtaking views of the islands, and the spellbound beauty of the islands have attracted tourists from the length and breadth of the globe. Families can spend their leisure time on the calm beaches or on the safari in the woods of Thailand’s forest reserves.

greece 2

Greece, the elegant bluish backdrop: Mystical bluish waters that truly invigorate the mind, greet you as you enter spellbinding Greece. While the city is quite child-friendly,one can transport themselves to a different world among the magnificent sculptures and the amazing islands that host many dances, drama festivals. The island of Santorini is indeed a draw that few tourists miss out on. The elegant white painted houses with the backdrop of the turquoise sea are also a must-see. Greece is a great destination for both couples and families.

#Traveling with friends: It’s adrenaline time!

If you are one of those who have an exclusive travel posse with friends who are as travel-crazy as you are, some locations are designed with just you in mind! The never-ending chatter, magical night-outs with never-ending food and partying, culinary jaunts at roadside eateries, spontaneous treks up unknown peaks—can all be relived in these fun-filled cities of the world.

Here are few choices:


Spain, the party hub peppered with elegant beaches: Beaches are an ideal location for nostalgic buddies to hang out, with all needs taken care of! Spain is one such exuberant location to fulfill the dreams of a beach lover. The fashionable streets and the sun-kissed beaches make it the perfect destination for party lovers. Spain is a must-visit for all age groups of friends to cherish a memorable trip. The lively nightlife, the stylish hubs, and the markets filled with delicacies that will stir your taste buds make Spain an ideal destination for nomads.


Istanbul, vibrant and alive: Turkey is another destination you can’t miss when traveling with friends.Savor what the city has to offer by visiting the churches, the old mosques, and the typical markets on the busy streets. Experience the Turkish delights—street food that has a touch of the Arabic and the Mediterranean. Always vibrant with busy nightlife,Istanbul showcases itsvintage traditions as well as modern values. The scenic beauty that remains untouched with modernization is one of the main attractions that draw tourists to this exotic city.


Nepal, the cradle of Buddhism: One of the historic sites to visit in the world, beholding the peacefulness of Buddhism in the impeccable beauty of itsserene valleys, is Nepal. The peaceful country has always been an ideal destination to explore the monasteries, the golden pagoda, the historic sites, and the charming villages. The peace and serenity that fills the atmosphere with the chanting of the prayers from the Buddhist monasteries give the place a heavenly touch. Overlooked by the snow-capped Himalayas, the undulating valleys are ideal for adventurous treks and hiking.

Traveling solo: An opportunity to findtravel buddies

Traveling alone has its own mystic charm and unexplainable allure. To explore and soak yourself in enchanting nature. To walk solo and explore the concealed treasures of the world. To break free from bustling city life and feel one with yourself. You can do all this and more at these favorite haunts of solo travelers.

Here are 3 picks for solo travelers:

Machu Picchu (Peru), the ancient city: This historical land is a must-visit destination in your bucket list of places to visit this summer. Explore the ancient city of Machu Picchu and uncover the preserves that are treasured in these monuments. The hiking via Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a one-of-a-kind experience. Solo travelerswith wanderlust will find this mysterious city quite intriguing and worth exploring. They can discover and learn more about the place, digging deep into the histories of culture evolved in the place.


Switzerland, the snowcapped beauty: Have you always reminisced about the green pastures hemmed in by the snow-clad mountains of Switzerland but never got around to visiting the country? Well, this is your time to do it! For a solo traveler, Switzerland is practically heaven, as the people are down to earth and love to make friends. One must visit the interior of Swiss country to witness such impeccable beauty surrounded by snowy mountains. Solo travelers get immense time to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the land and indulge in sports like hiking, cycling, paragliding, etc.


Bali (Indonesia), the embodiment of rustic serenity: Whether it’s relaxation or for adventure, Bali is perfect! It is the ideal place to go exploring on bicycles deeper into the countryside and villages, and unravel the mysteries of the hidden stone temples in these tranquil locations. The deep jungles are a store house of many unknown herbs. Explorers also can enjoy the white sandy beaches, which are lined up with an array of huts that make the beaches come alive even at nights.

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