Prepaid Forex Cards – Where Smart Meets Simplicity

An increasing number of overseas travelers, who have been using cash or traveler’s cheques, are now opting for prepaid Forex cards. The reason is simple – they are a lot safer to carry and they also protect you from rate depreciation. Prepaid cards are not limited to offering advantages just over cash but over credit cards as well. Here are the top 5 reasons why a prepaid travel card is your best travel companion while abroad.


Reason#1: Safer than carrying cash

What would you rather carry in your wallet? A wad of cash or a card that lets you withdraw the right amount of money each time you require it? The answer is simple, especially considering how cash is that much more vulnerable to theft. Is it not a better option then, to opt for a Forex prepaid card that is not just safe but convenient to carry as well? To get the best Forex card in India, visit


Reason# 2: Low conversion charges

The conversion charges while loading a prepaid Forex card are much lower than what some of the foreign exchange houses charge. Prepaid forex cards are much cheaper than credit cards, which have a loading of 2.5-3.5% on the conversion charge. In addition, with prepaid forex cards, there are no extra conversion fees, surcharges, or convenience fees, as applicable in case of conventional credit/debit cards, giving you further savings. In a nutshell, a Forex card offers negligible or no transaction fee versus high Credit/Debit card transaction rates which can go up to 11% per transaction!


Reason#3: Handy Spare Cards

You cannot enjoy your travel if you are constantly worrying about theft. Say good bye to these nagging worries and turn to prepaid Forex cards – your key to complete peace of mind during foreign travel. In case you lose your primary Forex travel card, all you need to do is turn to your spare card that comes with the original kit, and activate it. Also, the card includes PIN security and can be easily blocked if lost or stolen. So, don’t lose your mind, if you lose your card. Simply turn to the handy spare.


Reason #4: Always Available

Unlike foreign cash and traveler’s cheques, which are heavily subject to availability, prepaid cards can be loaded with any amount of foreign currency at any time.


Reason #5: Additional benefits

Good Foreign exchange companies offer prepaid Forex cards that come equipped with additional features such as travel insurance, emergency assistance & advanced account management. What’s more, companies like Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited which offer a convenient online platform to obtain Forex in India, offer a Free International SIM card with pre-paid talktime and data with every Forex order.


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