Quirky ways travellers carry their money abroad

Growing up in a country like ours, we have always been advised to be wary of pick-pockets and smooth talkers, who can make us part with our money in a nanosecond. And now since you are all set to embark on your first overseas trip, all those cautions come back with a vengeance, and the brain goes into overdrive looking for solutions. Oh, and the things we do to make sure our moolah is safe! Can’t predict how well these master-plans will work, but yes, they will make you take pause and chuckle for a moment!

  1. Divide & Conquer!

Picture this scenario: a bunch of family members standing at a cash-counter abroad, busily emptying bags, pockets and what not, looking left, right, front & center for cash that has been stowed away from prying eyes. This is the ‘first rule’ of safe travel – splitting your money & stowing it away in separate locations. And then there is the second rule – keeping all your bags close, with Gollum-like possessiveness.

Divide & Conquer!


  1. Locks and locks and locks

From tiny, slick automatic locks, to industry- sized ‘Sheel’ products, there can’t be one too many locks for your suitcase, right? Be it on trains, or flights, we do have a habit of putting all the locks we own in the world onto one single suitcase; in the hope that no one dares to get at your money that is nesting safe & warm inside. But what if you forget the combination on your lock, or worse, lose the keys AND their duplicates? Still, we continue to do this with love. We put locks on everything, and handbags are no exception. This works sometimes, but imagine the level of discomfort to unlock your bag every time you need your face-wipes or headphones!


  1. Shoes and Souls. Wait, Soles

This trick takes the prize of being the favourite of most Indians. Many people, while on holiday, keep their cash secured inside the soles of shoes. It might lead to limp and sore ankles, but at least your money is safe. And not to forget socks, the ever-willing sidekicks, which are equally helpful in storing money.


  1. …because secret pockets are just that, they are secret!

Secret Pockets – Another epic way to protect your money while travelling. So, yes, they are reliable because they are hard to reach, but also super weird if you have to put your hand inside your pants every time you need cash, especially in a crowded place.

secret pockets - embarassed

  1. Nylon Stockings

Now, who would have heard of that! Putting your cash in one of those long nylon stockings and tying it around your waist. Well, it has been done. And successfully at that!

Stockings - guilty

  1. Going Undercover

Briefs for the men; brassiere for the ladies! Your money stays safe from the eyes of those crafty thieves, hidden under layers and layers of clothing.



Jokes aside, the new smart way to carry money abroad are prepaid forex cards. No hassle, PIN protected, easy online transactions, and so much cheaper than cash! – the pros far outweigh the cons as compared to cash, credit and debit cards. And if you, by any chance, lose a Forex card, you can get it blocked immediately with just a simple phone call! So, there’s no longer any need to think up innovative ways to carry your Forex abroad!

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