Save on Foreign Currency Exchange with These Tips Because Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Money doesn’t grow on trees and unfortunately even if it did, these days there are ever increasingly fewer trees because of budget cuts to amenities and parks. All kidding aside, lets come back to the original question – how can you look ahead and save a few Rupees on currency exchange?

Europe has always been a hot favorite for Indian travelers during summer. While the UK, Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany continue to top the list, destinations such as Spain, Scandinavia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Vienna are fast emerging as strong contenders. But the major concern among the travelers is getting most favorable currency rates. The major currencies tend to move +/- 1% in a given day, which is a relatively minor move unless you are changing denominations in thousands at a single time.

Here are some traditional options for foreign currency exchange:

  • Currency Exchange at Hotels & Airports: This is one of the most convenient option, but beware of high exchange rates. Due to high overhead costs and merchant exchange fees, you will end up shelling out a lot more, even 10-15% more at airports.So, exchanging money at hotels & airports is a strict non-no unless you have no other choice.
  • Money Exchange at a Bank: The rates given at nearby banks are not as competitive as the ones available online. Moreover, some banks will offer this exchange facility to their account holders only.
  • Credit Cards: Sure, they are easy to swipe, but did you know that you may be charged anywhere between 3-10% transaction fee on each purchase?!
  • Local Money Changers: Local money changers seem to be a convenient option, and do have the convenience of home delivery. But beware of counterfeit notes and also the risk of rate volatility.

But things have changed in the Foreign Exchange Business. With the advancement of technology you can exchange foreign currency with a few clicks online. It’s significantly the safest, fastest and most convenient option than any other foreign money exchange method. We would recommend this option to  buy euros online than waiting until you arrive in a European country, at which time the exchange rates will most likely be significantly higher.

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