Some Amazing Money Saving Tips for Foreign Travelers

Travelling around the world may be the fantasy of a lifetime. We generally try to save money for the vacation we have planned & then what?  We end up paying a huge amount & exhausting our budget and the rest of the goes for a toss. One often overlooked area for saving is forex rates.  You can save a good deal of money by planning your Forex smartly. So here are some money saving tips for your international travel.

  1. Plan Well Ahead: Plan in advance everything about your vacation including mode of your traveling, where to stay,  where to visit, where to eat, and so on, no less than a month ahead of the date of travel.
  2. Flights: Avoid booking flights on weekends & try for weekdays for it works out to be so much cheaper, for international travel try taking a connecting flight rather than direct one this will help you save a huge amount.
  3. Money Exchange: Don’t leave money exchange for the last minute, to get the best forex rates, purchase foreign currency at least three weeks before your date of travel. If possible carry one prepaid forex card as it is considered as best option to pay abroad as it offers safety, convenience and a great way to stay within budget.. You can get the best forex card in India by placing an online order at
  4. Travelling: Opt for public rides & use local buses & trains or rent a bike, for this would be much more fun than those expensive cabs.
  5. Language: Try learning some local worlds this will help you to connect with local people out there and they will be more than happy to help you in whatever you need. Sometime you get better bargains if you speak the local language.