Things An Indian Student Going Abroad Would Hear

So, gearing up to live the dream? Buying plane tickets, saying goodbyes to people and places, literally shopping like you have never done before (cuz well, who buys pressure cookers for fun!). Amidst all the noise, you must be coming across lots of stuff about how to live through this new phase of your life. We take a dig at some typical ‘advice’ students going abroad usually hear from here and there.

  1. What you’d hear from neighbours and relatives: Stay away from the ‘Goraas’

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“They are so different from us.” “Don’t forget your culture.” “Don’t get to close to those white people,”. As soon as you got the admit, we are sure these are the anecdotes that keep hitting your eardrums every now and then. All the well-meaning aunties would be saying this (and we must say with very meaningful eye-gestures) every time the topic of your foreign stint comes up. But, well, shouldn’t that a part of your aim? To experience a culture totally different from yours and let it be a part of the whole learning experience. You are as new to those ‘goraas’ as they are to you. You might want to work in a big shot organisation after you graduate, so start early! Mix up with people and learn the better from them. Don’t get too out of hand though, focus on your studies too. And please don’t tell you parents we said so!


  1. What you’d hear from friends: “Dude, send me an Iphone yaar”.


That gadget-freak-but-broke friend of yours would probably be suggesting ways to save money and send them an iphone at the first opportunity you get. Hmmmm…you are going there to study, not deal drugs. Grass might look greener on the other side, but it’s as hard to cut. You just need to let your friend know this and send them some chocolates maybe, everyone loves chocolates!


  1. What you’d hear from moms: Eat well! Eat on time!

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Yes, dear mommies would always be worried about your tummies being full. But what with juggling classes, assignments, extra activities it could be hard to find time for eating. Although, a healthy body is going to be much more efficient at keeping you going, so carry some quick-fix meals like sandwiches that you can have in between chores. And they could turn out to be cheaper if you prepare them yourself with easily available ingredients.


  1. What you’d hear from friends who have been there: Hey, do check out that XYZ place, it’s da bomb!

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Yes, that one ‘rich’ friend who has apparently been all around the globe would advise you to go check out some cool places around your college. And it’s actually not bad advice, provided you are able to manage your studies along with. There are a lot of options to travel cheaper – using the local transport, hitchhiking, going along with groups. But be careful, this is not your native country and carry your passport with you at all times. With a little bit of care, you can enrich your experience further.


  1. What you’d hear from us!

Be out there, participate as much as you can, share those cultural vibes with them. The end goal should not be just getting a degree, but an experience, you are paying heavily for it mind you. Take what you like from other cultures, everyone has something to offer. Don’t just cruise through your time there but explore this opportunity to its fullest.


Here’s wishing you luck for your studies and a great time ahead!


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