Tips for Money Exchange in National Capital Delhi

A recent study shows approximately 21 per cent rise in Indians planning to take a foreign trip, such a huge rise has also seen in National Capital Delhi as there is a significant rise in international travelers from Delhi in last two years.

As a international traveler, an important concern will be getting the most affordable forex rates at India. Major currencies tend to move +/- 1% in a given day. Experts concur that travelers will be best off looking a place that will change currency inexpensively. But the concern for every traveler is how to choose the best vendor out of so many foreign exchange dealers in India. To answer this question, here are some of your options for exchanging money in India.

  1. Currency Exchange Counters at Airport: This is the first & most often used option by every traveler. While air terminals seem to be a convenient place to exchange currency, be careful with high exchange charges. Avoid using this option, as there are so many better and more economical options available for foreign exchange in Delhi.
  1. Credit Card for Foreign Currency: The exchange rate for credit cards in general is very less than other options for money exchange, they offer most favorable rates to their customers. But be careful while using credit abroad because there is transaction charges involved every time you swipe your card abroad and can cost you as high as 11% per transaction.
  1. Money Exchange at a Local Bank: The rates given at nearby banks while being competitive are sometimes restricted to their account holders only.
  1. Online Money Changers: The other option is buy forex in Delhi from an online money changer. Here at you can buy forex for education, leisure & even for business purposes in the form of prepaid cards or cash notes. The website offers 18 different currencies with authentic & reliable notes so that you don’t face any inconvenience while abroad. Forex cards are secure, convenient and economical making them a great means of carrying your Forex abroad.