Top 10 Family Winter Break Vacation Destinations in the US

Instead of hibernating, this winter, visit the US with your family. With the US dollar purchase rate showing a downward trend since the past few weeks, it is a great time to visit the US. The following are the top 10 family winter break destinations in the US:

  1. New York City –

New York City would feature even on a list of top 10 family winter break destination in the world. During the winter season, the entire city gets blanketed with snow and illuminated with colourful lights. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, people flock on the streets and enjoy several annual traditions during the winter months. The city boasts a variety of historical sites and museums. If that’s not all, it is home to several superheroes, including Spider-Man and Iron Man.

  1. Grand Canyon National Park –

Grand Canyon National Park should be on the list of every adventure seeker visiting the US during the winter season. Winter is the off-season, so there won’t be much crowd as you set out to the southern rim for camping. Winter lends a new dimension to the vast landscape. It is a perfect place for a family which wants to experience an off-beat adventure. One can also explore the park on a horseback.

  1. Hawaii –

Maui in Hawaii is an ideal place to spot humpback whales. During the winter season, humpback whales migrate to the Hawaiian coast to breed their calves. The Hawaiin archipelago is a perfect destination for those who want to escape chilly winter and enjoy a beach vacation. For outdoorsy people, there are numerous activities in store such as sailing, surfing, scuba diving, etc.

  1. Alaska –

If the idea of extreme cold entices you, then you must consider Alaska. A number of winter festivals take place in Alaska. During winters, one can catch the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in Fairbanks. Thrill seekers can go for dog-sledding, trekking, and skiing. For families with kids, a visit to the Santa Claus House in the North Pole should be a must.

  1. Florida –

On the other hand, if you don’t want to experience a snowy winter, head to Florida. There are several beaches in Florida which offer fun and sunshine. There are also a number of theme parks such as Universal Studios, Disney World, Legoland, etc. in Florida, assuring a fun time for you and your family. During the month of December, Florida hosts quite a few fairs and concerts, making the entire destination an extravaganza.

  1. Las Vegas –

In Las Vegas, every day is a weekend. The winter period, especially the last few days of the year, is the time for carnival. People are on the streets celebrating and having fun. On New Year’s Eve, colourful firecrackers illuminate the dark night sky. With the towering buildings, the street food, the shopping stores, and the world-famous casinos, you will not even realize that the city is in a desert.

  1. Yosemite National Park –

Want to experience something magical? Visit Yosemite National Park. Offering solitude, stunning beauty, and some exceptional activities, Yosemite is a traveller’s paradise. From snowboarding to trekking, Yosemite has so much to offer. The park is also a natural habitat of over 200 species of animals. A trek to the Yosemite waterfalls – the major attraction in the park – is a treat to the eyes and worth a visit during the winter season.

  1. San Francisco –

Bustling with activities throughout the winter season, San Francisco is a visitor’s delight. This petite city in California has it all to please foodies, explorers, backpackers, as well as adventure seekers. The Golden Gate is the most popular point of interest in San Francisco. Chinatown provides a perfect mixing bowl of different Asian cultures and is a must-visit during the winters.

  1. Chicago –

If you want to experience European culture in the US, Chicago should be your destination. The popular Christkindlmarket, inspired by the Christmas stalls in Germany, takes place at the city centre during the Christmas season. A series of family-friendly festivals and parades embark the streets, making it a sight to behold.

  1. Washington –

A visit to Washington is highly recommended. The state offers pretty much everything one can expect … and more. From desert to rainforest; from national parks to beaches, the state has it all. During the winter season, one can go for orca whale-watching, be a part of a cycling tour around the country’s capital, explore an island or two, and visit apple orchards and cideries.


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