Top 10 Must Visit Holiday Destination in 2019

Top 10 Must Visit Holiday Destination in 2019

Whether you are looking to make the most of your vacation, eager to explore a new destination, wanting to relax and enjoy, or unable to resist the lure of sales offered by major airlines, 2019 is a wonderful year to travel abroad.

Compiled below is a list of the top 10 must-visit holiday destination in 2019:

  1. Australia –

If there is one country which should feature on a list like this one every year, it has to be Australia. Graced with a myriad of natural wonders, large expanses of outback, blissful beaches, and euphoric wildlife, Australia is a complete holiday destination. The natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Pink Sea are a delight to the eyes.

Best time to visit: September – November & March – May

  1. The United Kingdom –

The United Kingdom comprises Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and, of course, England. With just a few months left for the much-awaited ICC Cricket World Cup, the UK is a must visit holiday destination in 2019.

English culture, Scottish treks, Welsh landscapes, and Irish festivals make the UK an ethereal destination.

Best time to visit: May – December

  1. Portugal –

By 2020, it is believed that Portugal will no longer be Europe’s best kept secret. Thanks to its pleasant weather, colourful palaces, expansive vineyards, and cultural towns, Portugal is a hot destination for 2019. Once you are there, you would get smitten by its charm. The country’s lifestyle is so charming and laid-back that you would not want to leave.

Best time to visit: March – May & September – November

  1. Maldives –

The Maldives is one of the most exotic destinations in the world. With a rich marine ecosystem, beaches blanketed with powder-white sand, and the luxury of being in the company of friendly locals, everyone should have this little chunk of paradise on their 2019 travel bucket list. Promising relaxation, fun, and tranquillity, Maldives is nothing short of a paradise.

Best time to visit: November – May

  1. Switzerland –

Switzerland is home to pristine lakes, picturesque mountains, gorgeous fields, vintage villages, medieval towns, chocolate factories, and friendly people. The locals here are friendly and value time. It is truly a paradise on Earth. From alpine adventures to amazing landscapes, the captivating country is a traveller’s heaven.

Best time to visit: September – March

  1. Cuba –

If you are wondering whether Cuba is a must visit holiday destination in 2019, the answer is a resounding yes. Popular all over the world for its Mojitos and Cigars, Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean sea. It is an ideal country for a traveller to entice their travel bug. The colourful, historic facades will make you take several pictures and the vintage cars will make you wish to drive one.

Best time to visit: December – May

  1. Greece –

The allure of Greece is something that makes it a deserving top travel destination in 2019. Owing to the economic breakdown since the past few years, a vacation to Greece is fairly inexpensive. The lip-smacking street food in Gyros, the magnificent Acropolis in Athens, the beaches of Mykonos and the pristine beauty of Santorini

Best time to visit: March – May & September – November

  1. Seychelles –

Seychelles is a tiny island country located off the eastern coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. It is an archipelago comprising of more than a hundred islands. Offering pristine beaches, picture perfect landscapes, a variety of family oriented activities, scrumptious food, and comfortable accommodation, Seychelles is nothing less than a paradise in the Indian Ocean.

Best time to visit: April – November

  1. Mexico –

Whether you are a nature lover or you have a deep interest in history and culture, Mexico perfectly fits the bill. If you love seafood, Mazatlan will be a treat for taste buds. Remember the beach in The Shawshank Redemption where Andy dreamt of escaping to? It is Zihuatanejo – a beach town in Mexico. Tacos, Piña Colada, Tortilla, etc., are some of the popular F&B that are widely available throughout the country. For history buffs, the Pyramid of the Shin is a must visit point of interest.

Best time to visit: December – April

  1. Romania –

Romania is an ideal European country for a backpacker. Nestled in the Balkan region, the eastern European country is a bargain as a travel destination. Most of the castles and fortresses have no entrance fee and the local cuisine is a delight for a foodie. Boasting a rich culture, the country has several fascinating castles and enchanting towns. It’s also a nice place for trekkers and skiers.

Best time to visit: May – September

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