Top Destinations & Tips For A Solo Woman Traveller
  • Don’t push yourself too much on your first trip. Start small and go somewhere near. Once you get comfortable spending time with yourself, and start feeling more confident, venture out to larger far flung destinations.
  • Try and arrive at Daylight hours. It is easier to orient yourself with the place and safer to travel from the airport to your destination while light.
  • Walk with confidence. Stand tall and upright. The right posture can ward off predators.
  • Most people are good. Be wary but not too guarded. Be open and smile wherever possible. When you smile people are ever so much more helpful!
  • Don’t open your map in a public place. It might bring too much attention to you. Just step in to a store or a restaurant nearby and quickly look up directions.
  • Don’t take everything you own. You often feel that most things in life are indispensable and promptly stuff a suitcase full of things that you might never need. Heavy luggage will only mean you will need porters and taxi drivers to help you and will make you dependent. So plan ahead and travel smart by travelling light.
  • Do pack a good pair of shoes or walking sandals! Having the right shoes can make a world of difference.
  • Always invest in a local SIM card that is compatible with your phone, even if it costs you a little extra. Having a phone handy can give you world of confidence.
  • Scan your driver’s license, passport, and other documents and share them with your family, friends and yourself via email. This makes getting a new passport much easier in case you lose one.
  • Make sure at least one person knows your whereabouts or at least has a detailed itinerary with contact details wherever possible.
  • Learn to Trust your instincts. Don’t be scared of appearing rude.  If someone approaches you and you feel uncomfortable, do not worry about being loud if the situation demands it.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask in advance! Ask your hostel help-desk or the guard on the tentative costs of taking a cab or local transport. This way you will know exactly what it costs and you will not be taken for a ride.
  • If you are using public transport, be wary of pickpockets. Never carry anything in your back pocket. Don’t carry too much money with you. There are several foreign exchange services which let you do currency exchange online and reload your prepaid card while on the go. This way you can withdraw just the right amount of cash you need without having to worry about carrying too much cash or running out of it!
  • Don’t carry a brand new backpack or handbag…it is always better to take a well-used piece of luggage that doesn’t attract too much attention.
  • Make use of reserved seating. Most countries have reserved seating on public transport for women. Make use of this opportunity. It also helps if you introduce yourself to the bus driver and tell him where you are going, for they will keep an eye on your luggage for you and also let you know when your stop has arrived.

Some Female-Friendly Destinations:

  • Iceland
  • Scandinavia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Thailand
  • Costa Rica
  • Ireland
  • Bali
  • Amsterdam

The world awaits you. Pack your backpack and your confidence and take off on an solo adventure that is truly worth discovering. Do a bit of research, share your itinerary and documents with family & friends, carry a SIM card and buy foreign exchange online which gives you the flexibility of carrying Forex on a card. Bon voyage!