Top Forex questions to ask before taking off on that International Trip!

“How can I get foreign exchange?”

You can buy your Foreign exchange from any authorised dealer, which includes banks and authorised money exchange centres. Do note that a small amount of commission will be  applicable for the exchange. You can also by your forex online from trusted sites like and make the process of acquiring foreign exchange extremely convenient and can be done within a few clicks of the mouse.


“How much money can I buy/carry with me?”

According to the RBI, an Indian citizen is entitled to the following Forex amounts.

Leisure/Tourism: If you are travelling for leisure/tourism, you are allowed to buy a maximum of foreign currency worth $10,000 in a year. Out of this, you may carry $3000 in cash and the rest on a prepaid card, travellers cheques or bankers draft.

Education: For studies abroad the estimate received from the institution abroad or USD 100,000, per academic year, whichever is higher, may be availed of from an AD Category I bank and AD Category II.

Medical Treatment: AD Category I banks and AD Category II, may release foreign exchange up to USD 100,000 or its equivalent to resident Indians for medical treatment abroad on self-declaration basis. An amount up to USD 25,000 is allowed for maintenance expenses of a patient going abroad for medical treatment or check-up abroad, or to a person for accompanying as attendant to a patient going abroad for medical treatment/check-up.

Employment: A person going abroad for employment can draw foreign exchange up to USD 100,000 from any authorised dealer in India on the basis of self-declaration.

Emigration: A person going abroad on emigration can draw foreign exchange from AD Category I bank and AD Category II up to the amount prescribed by the country of emigration or USD 100,000.


“Do I carry a Credit card or a prepaid Forex card?”

A Forex card offers no transaction fee at POS, versus high Credit card and Debit card transaction rates which can go up to 11%! Whats more, prepaid forex cards usually come in spares which can easily be activated if primary card is lost or stolen.


 “What if I run out of Forex?”

Multicurrency prepaid cards can be easily topped up online with a currency or denomination of your choice. This sure beats having to depend on a friend or relative to wire the money across to you when you run out of forex while abroad or having to use your credit cards which have really high transaction and service charges, in addition to a fluctuating exchange rate.


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