Travel Documents Required for Studying Abroad

Continuing from one of our previous posts where we had written about important documents to carry for your international trip, here we present a list of documents that you as a student would require to carry when going abroad for studies. Once you have been admitted to the university of your choice, preparations for your departure begin. From applying for visas, buying forex for education, to making travel and accommodation arrangements; there’s a lot on your plate. To simplify this ritual, it is a great idea to keep handy a list of important documents that you will require during your travel & stay abroad.


Your passport is the key to travelling outside of your home country. With this document one can explore, experience and discover a new place with complete legal authority. A passport serves as your official identification as a citizen of your home country. In fact, it is your only legally valid identification document. It acts as a request to the foreign government to permit to travel in their territories.

  • VISA

A Visa is an official document that allows you to travel abroad for a specific period of time. You should be prepared to send in your visa application at least two months prior to your desired departure date. If you are applying to universities in the US, you will need to submit an I-20 form for your Visa Application. You will also be required to furnish this form during immigration check. Make sure you take copies of your visa and your visa number with you on the trip if needed. Also, it is a good idea to keep copies of your visa and passport with your family and friends at home.

This universal forex card is a great way to carry your Forex for studies. You can choose to swipe your Forex card directly at the university, withdraw funds from a bank operator or walk up to the nearest ATM. Some exclusive Foreign Exchange cards for students also come with Free ATM withdrawals, so make sure you buy them online from websites offering this feature.


These encompass your senior secondary certificates (SSC), higher secondary certificates (HSC) and associated mark sheets. If you have already finished your bachelors’ degree or postgraduate degree, you will have to produce your degree certificate and the mark sheets as well, in original. Keep these carefully, possibly laminated. Scholarship documents, if any, also come under this category. If you are applying for grad school, make sure you have relevant experience documents. You might not have experience certificates if you’ve just finished high school. So skip this step.


This is one important document if English is not your first language. Usually for arts courses you will require either TOEFL or IELTS scores for your admission. Many universities require GMAT, GRE, and ELSAT and so on for other courses. This test certificate is extremely important and has a validity date. So make sure the certificate is valid while submitting it to the university.


Insurance is worth investing in. If you already have an insurance it is better to it also includes coverage for overseas care. If not can also get policy specific for travel.  Some universities will offer student health insurance, and other don’t, so make sure you have health coverage in hand before you leave.


Reason for going to abroad should be confidently mentioned in the statement. That written document will state you who you are, what made you to choose this path, why you opted for the particular university and so on.  Also, it is be a good idea to carry your letters of recommendation (LoR) if you have used any in your application.


This is the Printed admission letter you receive from the university, with institute’s address clearly stated on its letterhead

When travelling, make sure to keep all the travel documents gathered in one place and ensure that everything is properly dated, signed and noticed.

Some of the best lessons are learnt right at home! If your homework is right, your paperwork will be as easy as A-B-C. Here’s wishing you all the very best for a truly enriching stay abroad!

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