Travel Resolutions – 2015

“…Promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep”. It’s that time of the year again! The buzzword in the air is “New” and “Resolution”.  We have our list of resolutions that we ahem…intend to keep, or cry trying. Have you made yours yet? Do so now, it’s fun!

  • Try community travel – Don’t stay at a hotel, Couchsurf or try Airbnb to get a local perspective. Cut down eating at restaurants and have home-cooked meals via a community like EatWith
  • Go somewhere new each month – Close your eyes, pick a point on map, and start planning!
  • Take a second-city break- Don’t go just for the big ones, smaller cities can be less crowded and sometimes even more fascinating that their more popular counterparts.
  • Get festive – Book a trip to coincide with a world-class festival, like the Carnavale in Rio, Mardi Gras in Sydney or la Tomatina.
  • Seek out unusual accommodations- Treehouses, Caves, Undersea resorts or a room at the world weirdest hotels, experiences abound and await.
  • Travel solo – Hit the road with a fierce independence. Sometimes the best journeys are often travelled alone.
  • Broaden your palate – Don’t just eat right, eat unique. Venture out, try street food, and unpronounceable dishes from the Menu. Ahem…what’s a Bánh cuốn, we wonder.
  • Be more Travel App-t – Embrace technology. Switch from conventional maps to more sophisticated apps which allow you to get freely lose yourself but never get lost.
  • Speak like the locals – Pick up a language before traveling to the destination and parley with the locals at utmost ease. Spanish sounds good for starters. How about you?
  • Organize photos… all 10, 852 of them – Don’t run out of room for pictures. Organize, upload and share the joy instead! No More procrastinating for that elusive moment of creative brilliance.

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Here’s to a brand new year of fascinating Travel!